How to Build a Better Body, The Truth About “Perfection”, andWhy You Won’t See Pictures of Me in a Bikini

My terrible attempt at putting a bikini on the Lift Like a Girl logo.

“Nia, why don’t you post photos of you in a swimsuit? You must not know what you’re doing if you never show photos of you in a bikini.”

I’ve received other similar messages calling me a fraud and claiming my “methods must not work” because I don’t display photos of me in a bikini. (And, last time I checked, my “methods” aren’t anything revolutionary or ground breaking. Unless, of course, you consider taking the Sane and Simple approach to eating and working out as the latest and greatest thing in the fitness world. Actually . . . that might make sense). Moving on . . .

Let’s put this “where are your bikini photos” topic to rest, once and for all.

You won’t see photos of me in a bikini on this website or the Lift Like a Girl Facebook Page.

Sure, I rock out a swimsuit whenever I chill out at the pool, lake, or beach, but I won’t post these photos.

Here’s why – it’s just not my thing.

Not the answer you wanted? Fine. I’ll elaborate.

Years ago when I was battling my disordered eating habits, I also drastically changed my approach to working out. I stopped focusing on fat loss. I even took things further and stopped focusing on how I LOOKED.

I challenged myself to focus on absolutely nothing but my performance. The only thing that mattered was adding more weight to the bar, squeezing out extra reps, performing more challenging bodyweight exercises, and running more hill sprints.

During my training sessions I wore less revealing clothes so I wouldn’t be tempted to analyze my physique before, during, or after my workout. I even made it a point to refrain from looking in a mirror when I was at the gym. (Unless I got an eyelash in my eye. Seriously, that’s just annoying and has to be taken care of immediately).

Second, I don’t care how I look when I workout. I dress for comfort and not style.

Seriously. Have you seen some of my workout videos? I’m the furthest thing from pretty and stylish when I workout. During the winter my usual workout attire is a pair of 10+ year old Adidas workout pants and a hoodie. Or, if I’m feeling really crazy, I’ll wear super stylish sweat pants like I did in this video from a couple of years ago.

Oooh. Sweat pants, a big hoodie, and a beanie? Now THAT is sexy stuff. Stop swooning.

Third, I don’t have to show anyone my stomach or any other body parts to “prove” I know what I’m doing.

I’m strong.

I can bust out pull-ups, handstand push-ups, dominate 50 pound dumbbells for bench pressing, and I’ve deadlifted over 300 pounds.

My PERFORMANCE is proof enough.

Not only that, but I LOVE how I look. I’m confident in not only how my body looks, but what it can do.

In the end, it’s only my opinion about my physique that matters. I don’t give a rip what anyone else thinks about my physical appearance (except my spouse) or the labels they expect me to embrace.

And, finally, I help my clients achieve the results they want.

My clients work hard to build the body they love, and do so in a Sane and Simple way. They apply simple, no nonsense methods to their workouts and eating habits.

They don’t revolve their life around working out or some strict eating schedule. They maintain their sanity and enjoy the journey.

THEY are the one’s I try to please. THEY are the one’s I’m accountable to. If you’ve used the information from this website or purchased any of the products offered here, I’m accountable to YOU. Not some keyboard warrior trying to pick a fight.

And as long as I keep getting emails like this, I know I’m doing something correctly:

Nia, I wanted to tell you that you probably saved my life! Well, not literally, but really… Since I started your Simple Strength Program, changed my approach to lifting and eating, and focused more and more on my health and performance, I feel sanity and happiness coming back to my personal life and my life in the gym. Thank you for the great work you are doing! Keep it up.


That is what matters to me. Not the opinion of some keyboard warrior whining about me not posting revealing pictures of myself.

And just so no one points fingers and says, “You said you ONLY wear hoodies and sweat pants!” I do wear shorts and a tank top in the summer. I despise being hot, so I’ll rock out less clothing when it’s 90+ degrees with 100% humidity.

And with all of that out of the way, we need address an important topic. And a video is the best way to reveal this information.

How to Build the Body You Want & The Truth about Perfection

Please take six minutes and watch this video where I discuss very important topics that will help remove unnecessary frustration from your health and fitness journey.

Now that you’ve watched the video, I leave you with a few important notes.

Video Notes

  • Achieve the look YOU want
  • Are you enjoying your journey to building a better body? Are you able to get the results you want without driving yourself insane? Are you able to maintain your nutrition habits long-term so you can always look awesome? Are you improving your OVERALL HEALTH?
  • Are your workouts fun and motivating and leave you wanting more instead of overly exhausted?
  • Do you have a new level of self-confidence that you carry with you out of the gym?

THAT is what matters.

And don’t forget – it’s not entirely about how you LOOK – make it about what you can DO.

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