Muscle Sculpting Program

15weekThe Workout Program for Women Who Want to Add Sexy Muscle in All the Right Places

Let’s quickly discuss the “Muscle Sculpting” portion of the title. Most women trainees want to sculpt - to change the shape or contour of — her body by adding muscle in the right places and losing excess body fat.

A woman’s body is truly a work of art, and that’s why we sculpt it.

For most women “adding muscle in the right places” means building a more shapely and perky booty. It also means making the waist line smaller and making it appear smaller by building the right muscles.

This can be accomplished by increasing muscles of the shoulders, back, booty, thighs, and calves. That is what’s meant by the term Muscle Sculpting, and it’s exactly what you’ll accomplish with the 15 Week Muscle Sculpting Program.

A Closer Look at the 15 Week Program

The 15 Week Muscle Sculpting Program is divided into three separate five-week phases. You won’t achieve drastic, jaw-dropping results in just a matter of weeks, and that’s why the program is 15 weeks in duration; it’s a realistic period of time to achieve noticeable, body transforming results.

The program utilizes the effectiveness of both high volume training and low volume high intensity training. This combination, in addition to various advanced training techniques used throughout the program, have proven to be incredibly effective for sculpting muscle. Not to mention, it’s a great way to keep your workout motivation elevated because you’re constantly doing something different.

Let’s examine each phase more closely.

Phase 1: High Volume, Low(er) Intensity Phase

You’ll perform four workouts per week using an upper/lower split. That means two days will be dedicated to training your upper body and two days will be dedicated to training your lower body. As the name of Phase 1 indicates, this phase is high volume and therefore, it’s much lower in intensity.

After four weeks you’ll take a one week Deload as provided in the program.

Phase 2: High Intensity, Low Volume Phase

Phase 2 is practically the opposite of Phase 1. You’ll kick the intensity up several notches and you’ll scale the volume way back. Phase 2 includes two of my favorite advanced training techniques for building muscle — Rest/Pause sets and Reverse Pyramid Training. These are two excellent methods for the high intensity that’s needed in Phase 2 and allows you to train with very low volume. These are two of my favorite methods for sculpting muscle and getting a nice boost in overall strength.

In this phase you’ll perform three total body workouts each week for a total of four weeks. That will be followed up with another Deload week.

Phase 3: High(er) Volume, Low Intensity

Phase 3 is another high volume phase. In my experience this is a terrific way to follow up four weeks of hard, high intensity training. A few different training techniques are thrown into the mix to shake things up a bit more and you’ll be faced with some motivating challenges.

Once again this is a upper/lower split and you’ll perform a total of four workouts each week for a total of four weeks before taking a Deload.

Here’s the exact 15 week layout provided in the 15 Week Muscle Sculpting Program:


Muscle Sculpting Success Guide

In addition to the detailed 15 Week Muscle Sculpting Program, you’ll be equipped with the following information in the manual:

  • Six Simple Steps to Muscle Sculpting Success – the six super simple things you need to do to achieve the results you want
  • Muscle Sculpting Nutrition – nutrition plays a crucial role in your physique transformation, and so you’ll get simple guidelines to apply to your nutrition. Apply these simple, flexible guidelines to increase your rate of success
  • What about Supplements? – most are a total waste of money. I’ll share the only two I recommend (but aren’t even mandatory) that are beneficial and won’t leave you disappointed with an empty wallet
  • Detailed Workout Notes – step by step instructions on how to perform each workout so there’s zero guess work. You’ll know exactly what to do in addition to progressions you must apply to each workout
  • Video demonstrations – the majority of the exercises used in the 15 week program have their own demo video

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Muscle Sculpting Program Reviews

“I’m in Phase 2, Week 2 of the 15 week Muscle Sculpting Program and I have to tell ya…..this plan KICKS ASS! I’ve upped my weights on EVERY SINGLE EXERCISE, hit several PR’s (so far – I’m shooting for more!) along the way, did my first EVER unassisted bar dip and continue to push myself harder than I EVER have in the past. YOU ROCK!!!!”— Tracey D.
“Just finished Phase 2 this weekend!! So ready for the deload week. I’m really noticing a change from Day 1 of Phase 1 to now - my arms, hips, belly and thighs are leaner and have more muscle definition then ever before. My lifting weights have gotten significantly heavier. Ready to start Phase 3 next week and after I’m done with the Muscle Sculpting program – I think I see (S)Hero in my near future!!”— Nicole N.
“I just completed your awesome 15 week program. I am so happy with the results – most of all the fact that I fell in love with dumbells, squatting, the gym and all while doing the challenge!! You are a mastermind! Before this program I have always been so bored at the gym. SERIOUSLY, you changed it!“— Hanna P.
“So different from all the strength programs before. I absolutely am having the best time, this is seriously the most fun working out that I have ever had….while working my ass off!”— Jacquie

Results May Include:

Trainees who’ve completed the 15 Week Muscle Sculpting Program typically fall into one of the following categories:

  1. They lose a noticeable amount of fat, thereby improving their body composition and overall physique.
  2. They were fairly lean to begin with and sculpted additional muscle, thereby improving their body composition and overall physique.
  3. They lose body fat and build muscle. This typically occurs with beginner trainees or those who haven’t used primarily compound exercises as provided in the program.

If you work hard and follow the program, you’ll likely experience one of those outcomes and look noticeably different.

Get the 15 Week Program for only $1 Per Week


Click HERE to Get It Now!

“Just ended week 1 phase 3 of the muscle sculpting program today! I love this phase even more than the other two, it’s getting better all the time and I feels like I can almost watch my muscles grow… This program is perfect, I recommend it to everyone! Thank you for making my workouts really heavy and a lot of fun!“— Borghild M.

“In the final week of Phase 3 of the Muscle Sculpting program and I wanted to thank you for creating a fun, challenging, EFFECTIVE program! I haven’t been bored once since starting this back in January and I am getting some major results.For example, I was doing one-arm rows with 30lb DBs at the start of this program. Yesterday I did my first of the RPT sets with 45lb!I’ve added 25lb to my squat over the course of this program, worked my way up to multiple sets of UNassisted chin-ups at 3-4 reps each, and gone from doing single-rep deadlifts at 145lb to 4-5 reps in one set.

I still have a loooong way to go with any variation of bench press but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in a few months with everything else. I’m so grateful to you for creating programs that are empowering, enjoyable, accessible, and truly effective. Thanks for all that you do for strong women everywhere!”

— Aby P.

P.S. Just to recap, you’re going to get a proven 15 week, detailed, proven workout program that will allow you to sculpt sexy muscle in all the right places for only $14.99.

P.S.S. Please remember, no physical products are shipped. You will receive immediate access to the program after payment. The program is a downloadable PDF file that can be saved to any computer, tablet, or smart phone that supports that format.

P.S.S.S. Remember, if you need anything I’m here to help you. Contact me with any questions you have along the way. Oh, and remember, you have a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

To comply with FTC guidelines I must state that “the results you see above are not typical and you may not experience those, or similar results” and all of that fun stuff.