The Best Fat Burning & Conditioning Exercise

advanced burpees - one of the best fat burning exercisesOkay, so this may not be the best fat burning and conditioning exercise, but I think it’s amazing and use it frequently.

In the following video you’ll see me demonstrate an excellent bodyweight exercise that you can use to improve your conditioning levels and help burn some extra fat.

The Best Fat Burning & Conditioning Exercise – Advanced Burpees

As you just saw, there are three main parts to this exercise:

  • 1) Push-up
  • 2) Jump
  • 3) Pull-up (you can also do chin-ups, mixed grip pull-ups, neutral grip pull-ups, etc)

How Can You Use This Exercise?

There are two primary ways I like to use advanced burpees:

1) Do as many as possible in a set period of time (example: 10 minutes)

2) Perform a set number of repetitions and rest for a specific period of time (example: perform 5-10 advanced burpees, rest 45-60 seconds, repeat fo a total of 5-6 rounds)

Other Variations

If the advanced version demonstrated in the video is too difficult then you can remove the pull-up from the exercise. If performing a push-up and the jump become too difficult, then you can remove the push-up.

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