The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

Instead of giving you more fat loss and nutrition information today, I thought I would give you a sample workout that I am dubbing the ultimate fat burning workout. Is this the “holy grail” of fat burning workouts? Well, I don’t think there is such a thing, but if you put 100% into these workouts, you will definitely burn off some body fat. To really get a great fat burning effect, make sure you follow smart nutrition principles.

So without further ado, here is the ultimate fat burning workout.

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Bodyweight Workout & Dumbbell Complex for Weight Loss

Today I want to show you a couple of videos that I filmed on my vacation in May.

The first video is an example of a dumbbell complex that you can use for weight loss and fat burning. All you need is a set of dumbbells.

You can do this dumbbell complex at the end of your workout for a fat burning boost, or do them on your off days. With the dumbbell complex you want to use the heaviest weight possible but still perform each rep perfectly; no sloppy reps allowed.

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Upper Body Exercises You Could be Performing Incorrectly

Train for StrengthEvery day I step foot in the gym, I see people doing exercises incorrectly. (Or stupid exercises all together). Either they aren’t getting the most out of the exercise, or they are simply putting themselves in danger.

As a result of seeing many people (and numerous trainers) performing exercises incorrectly, I am going to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts.

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Women Should Not be Afraid to Get Strong

If you’ve been reading my blog for anything length of time, I’m sure you knew this was coming eventually.

The truth of the matter is this: most women are terrified to lift anything remotely heavy because they are afraid they’ll be big and bulky. *Sigh*

I’ll start off by stating this fact. A woman I used to train competed in pageants. I’m not talking figure or bodybuilding pageants—think beauty pageants. She competed in the Mrs. Kentucky pageant and won. She later went on to place in the top 10 in the Mrs. Universe pageant.

I’m sure you know that women in those competitions are not big and bulky. They are lean, fit, and sexy.

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27 of the Best Weight Loss Exercises

I created a list with some of the best exercises for weight loss. Now while this is by no means an exhaustive list, you could simply only use these exercises and get amazing weight loss results.

If you don’t know how to perform an exercise, just leave a question below and I’ll help you out. Now, on to some of the best exercises for weight loss!

1) Back squats—this exercise needs no explanation or introduction. The squat has been known as the “king of all exercises” for great reason. Squats involve the majority of the body’s muscle mass and definitely build a great pair of legs. Squats are very beneficial for weight loss when performed with low reps and high reps. When in doubt, do squats!

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Should Women Train Like Men?

I had a great idea for this post before I started to actually write it up. It’s a popular saying that “women should train like men” for the best results in the weight room. However, women’s strength training shouldn’t necessarily mimic the training of men.

Allow me to explain: there’s only one problem with the statement that women should train like men: most men don’t “train like men.”

In commercial gyms everywhere most men do exercises that aren’t the most beneficial for their physique, health, or goals. For example, if men actually train their legs they use the leg press, leg extension, leg curl, and even the inner and outer thigh machines.

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Need Workout Motivation?

Many people have been asking for tips and information to stay motivated to workout consistently.

Well, check out this video, and hopefully it will help you out.

Whenever you start to find yourself not motivated to go to the gym, try to change things up.

These past couple of weeks I have not been motivated to go to the gym like I usually am. Once I got there, everything was just going down hill. My numbers were decreasing, and I just felt horrible.

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Stop Training for Fat Loss

deadlift 300 poundsI kept trying to find the perfect way to start this article, but I wanted to say so many things at once, so I’ll just list my thoughts here before I explain myself:

  1. Most women spend their entire training career working out to lose fat
  2. Many of these same women are not overweight and are by traditional standards — skinny
  3. Our society has ingrained the ideal physique of a woman into our heads so we think we have to look like anorexic models. When in the hell did that look become sexy?
  4. Why in the hell would women want to look like a skeleton, and be proud of it?
  5. Constantly training for fat loss can lead to a negative self image and decreased self-esteem
  6. Sometimes, you just need to stop training for fat loss
  7. Other methods of training can keep you much more motivated so you are more likely to be consistent

Okay. Now I will explain myself.

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Fat Burning Circuit

weightliftingI managed to get some work done over my beach vacation. We recorded several videos demonstrating some great fat burning workouts you can do. Many of them are bodyweight only so you can do them at home.

Here’s a video I filmed that demonstrates a fast, fat burning workout you can do at home or anywhere else with just a set of dumbbells and a bench.

As with any workout, make sure you focus on your form. In addition, use a weight that is challenging . Don’t use a weight you could do for 20 reps if I tell you to do sets of 10.

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Don’t Train for Fat Loss – Train for Strength

Train for Strength

I am sick and tired of all this politically correct B.S. saying that women can’t and shouldn’t train the same way as men.

Nope: women should stick to their machines, aerobic classes, and “designated” workout rooms filled with old machines and dumbbells that go up to a whopping 15 pounds. But, if they want to come over to the “men’s area” to use an empty barbell or a bench for some “toning” exercises, than it’s okay. After all, everyone knows that endless triceps kickbacks and dumbbell curls are the best way to get great arms. Right…

I keep waiting for things to change. I keep waiting for women to see their true potential in the weight room. I keep waiting for women to step off the elliptical for the final time and explore the new exciting future that awaits them with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, sandbags, and bodyweight exercises.

It hasn’t happened. In fact, we may be going in an even worse direction.

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