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14 Train to Be Awesome FAQs

TBA Guide - Copy

It is with great enthusiasm that I reveal the highly anticipated Train to Be Awesome Guide.

Click here to check it out now or keep reading for more information about who the Train to Be Awesome Guide is for, what you can expect, and what all is included.

Let’s go over the most common questions asked about the Train to Be Awesome Guide.

Question: Is this just a workout program?

Answer: Absolutely not! There is additional information you need that’s included in The Guide that will show you how to become the strongest, most awesome version of yourself.

You’ll discover EXACTLY how to forge a positive mindset with a step-by-step guide, no nonsense nutrition for eating to be awesome that’s completely diet free and void … Click to continue reading

Top 7 Reasons You Should Train to Be Awesome


I’ve had the privilege over the past few years to watch, and be part of, a revolution in the world of women’s fitness. And the best part - it’s only getting stronger and gaining more momentum.

More and more women are saying . . .

NO to restrictive dieting
NO to relying on a number on the scale to determine their self-worth
NO to grueling workouts that leave them exhausted
NO to the “eat very little” and “work out ’til you drop” mentality
NO to obsessive eating habits
NO to body image shaming

And instead they are saying . . .

YES to eating satisfying, delicious meals
YES to getting stronger, both physically and mentally
YES to highlighting their own individual strengths and abilities
YES to being empowered
YES to enjoying a wide variety … Click to continue reading

Working Out and Eating Well Should Enhance Your Life, Not Dominate It


Working out, eating well, and ultimately building the body you want should enhance and improve your life, not define and rule it.

That’s a hard lesson I learned many years ago.

My life revolved around rigid nutrition rules (similar to things like “The Skinny Rules“) or diets and I would never skip a meal or workout under any circumstances. I’d miss family gatherings, parties, and other events if they interfered with  my workout schedule or meal plan.

I was “hardcore” when it came to eating and training.

I was also miserable most of the time.

Not only was I sacrificing things in my life that truly mattered — spending time with family and loved ones — but I eventually developed some severe disordered eating habits … Click to continue reading