3 Bodyweight Exercises You Should Try for Glutes, Shoulders, and Legs

bodyweight exercises

It’s no secret that I like bodyweight workouts and exercises.

Not only can bodyweight workouts be the ultimate time-saver (because you can do the workouts absolutely anywhere) but there are dozens of excellent exercises you can use that will help you get stronger, sculpt some muscle, improve your overall health, and lose body fat.

Below you’re going to see three bodyweight exercises you can use for targeting your glutes, shoulders, and legs.

And let me just say — many people think bodyweight exercises are “too easy”. Well, if you try these exercises (which you absolutely should) prepare to be humbled.

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Consistency Trumps Perfection. It’s About Sustainable Habits.


Consistently applying some simple nutrition guidelines and following a practical strength training program that easily fits into your schedule will produce better results than attempting to follow even the most perfect diet and workout regimen.

And I’m going to prove it in this article.

Consistency trumps perfection.

To prove this point I’m going to share a story about my friend, who I’ll refer to as Amanda.

Amanda has tried numerous popular diets and workout programs over the years. She’d begin them with fierce determination and proclaim, “This time I’m going to be successful.”

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14 Train to Be Awesome FAQs

Train To Be Awesome GuideIt is with great enthusiasm that I reveal the highly anticipated Train to Be Awesome Guide.

Click here to check it out now or keep reading for more information about who the Train to Be Awesome Guide is for, what you can expect, and what all is included.

Let’s go over the most common questions asked about the Train to Be Awesome Guide.

Question: Is this just a workout program?

Answer: Absolutely not! There is additional information you need that’s included in The Guide that will show you how to become the strongest, most awesome version of yourself.

You’ll discover EXACTLY how to forge a positive mindset with a step-by-step guide, no nonsense nutrition for eating to be awesome that’s completely diet free and void of obsessive eating habits, a step-by-step success guide, and other critical components that will allow to build, and maintain, the body you want all while becoming a stronger, most awesome version of yourself.

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Top 7 Reasons You Should Train to Be Awesome


I’ve had the privilege over the past few years to watch, and be part of, a revolution in the world of women’s fitness. And the best part — it’s only getting stronger and gaining more momentum.

More and more women are saying:

  • NO to restrictive dieting
  • NO to relying on a number on the scale to determine their self-worth
  • NO to grueling workouts that leave them exhausted
  • NO to the “eat very little” and “work out ’til you drop” mentality
  • NO to obsessive eating habits
  • NO to body image shaming

And instead they are saying:

  • YES to eating satisfying, delicious meals
  • YES to getting stronger, both physically and mentally
  • YES to highlighting their own individual strengths and abilities
  • YES to being empowered
  • YES to enjoying a wide variety of foods
  • YES to reaching their true potential
  • YES to being the most awesome version of themselves

That last one is quite possibly my favorite as it’s the resounding theme of this website.

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Working Out and Eating Well Should Enhance Your Life, Not Dominate It

llagnegativeWorking out, eating well, and ultimately building the body you want should enhance and improve your life, not define and rule it.

That’s a hard lesson I learned many years ago.

My life revolved around rigid nutrition rules (similar to things like “The Skinny Rules“) or diets and I would never skip a meal or workout under any circumstances. I’d miss family gatherings, parties, and other events if they interfered with  my workout schedule or meal plan.

I was “hardcore” when it came to eating and training. I was also miserable most of the time.

Not only was I sacrificing things in my life that truly mattered — spending time with family and loved ones — but I eventually developed some severe disordered eating habits and became a compulsive binge eater.

My life was defined by working out and eating. And to make things even worse, I still didn’t build the body I wanted.

I was stressed out, exhausted, hungry, and miserable.

Things had to change. It was time for this journey — training hard and eating well — to be stress-free and enhance my life instead of dominate and define it.

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10 Ways to Love Your Workouts and Stay Motivated so You Want to Keep Coming Back for More

10waysDo you ever get bored with your workouts?

Have you noticed your motivation or enthusiasm for hitting the gym declining over time?

Would you like to actually look forward to and enjoy your workouts on a weekly basis?

I’m of the opinion that, the majority of the time, you should look forward to and actually enjoy your workouts. If you’re not, then something needs to change. And it needs to change now.

Here are 10 tips you can apply so you can start to love your workouts, stay motivated, and achieve the results you’re after.

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Get Strong in a Hurry – Simple Technique for Fast Strength Gains

simpletechniqueBuilding muscle. Losing body fat. Getting crazy strong. Training to be even more awesome.

All four are excellent goals, but my absolute favorite is an emphasis on building strength, and you’ll find out why.

Today you’re going to learn one of my favorite simple techniques you can use with your current workout program to start seeing some fast strength gains.

But first…

Why Choose Strength?

Building muscle is a slow and steady process and trying to lose fat at a rapid rate can have dire consequences.

Basically, when it comes to sculpting muscle or burning body fat, slow and steady wins the race, as far as I’m concerned. But one of the really awesome things about training purely for strength is that you can achieve results very quickly.

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Quit What You’re Doing. Get Back to the Basics. Start Getting Results.

resetWant to build a better body?

Then one of the best things you can do is quit.

While you’re at it, you should go ahead and Reset your entire workout routine.

To top it all off, I’m going to show you exactly how you can quit, reset your program, embrace the basics, and start getting better results.

Let’s start with why you should be a bit ole quitter and how that will allow you to get even better results.

You Need to Quit

It’s not often that you’re told you can accomplish more by quitting. I’m going to change that right now.

Even if your goal is to lose fat, build a better body, improve your health, or get stronger, one of the best things you can do is just quit.

Quit looking for the “latest and greatest” or “optimal” workout routine.

Quit looking for the “secrets” to losing fat and building a better body.

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Best Dang Exercises to Build a Better Body and Be More Awesome – Deadlift Variations, Quads, Hamstrings, and Glutes

TTBAThis the is second installment of Best Dang Exercises to Build a Better Body and Be More Awesome of the Train to Be Awesome series.

In the first edition I revealed the Best Dang Exercises for the Chest, Shoulders, Back, and Abs in addition to the criteria for determining which exercises would make the cut.

Today you’ll get the best exercises for the quads, hamstrings, and glutes plus my favorite deadlift variations. Deadlifts are one of the ultimate strength training exercises that will make you more awesome, so they get their own video.

Before you proceed, let’s recap the criteria for exercises that made the cut and can be qualified as the Best Dang Exercises:

Now that you know what qualifies to receive Best Dang Exercises and Be More Awesome status, let’s jump in.

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Best Dang Exercises to Build a Better Body and Be More Awesome – Chest, Shoulders, Back & Abs

bde2Yep, you read that right. This is the first article in the Train to Be Awesome series will show you the best dang exercises to build a better body and become even more awesome.

In this edition you’ll get the best exercises for the upper body (chest, back, shoulders) and abs. The other installment covers the Best Dang Exercises to Build a Better Body and Be More Awesome – Deadlift Variations, Quads, Hamstrings, and Glutes.

Be sure to use these exercises to create the Best Dang Workout Programs to Build a Better Body and Be More Awesome, too.

Best Dang Exercise Criteria

First, the lists for best dang exercises is not all-inclusive. I want to state that now before someone gets all huffy because their favorite exercise(s) isn’t on the list.

Here is the criteria I used for deciding which exercises to include on the Best Dang Exercise lists.

  • Allows for progressive loading. If you want to build a better body and get more results in less time, you must be able to improve your performance, so that means the exercise must allow you add more weight over time or perform a more challenging variation. For example, a push-up works well because you can add weight or perform a more challenging variation. However, a triceps kick-back will only allow you to increase the weight to a certain point before you risk injuring your joints or just can’t increase the weight since it’s such a small muscle.
  • Big, compound exercises that provide most bang for the training buck. This article is about the best dang exercises for building a better body and allowing you to be awesome. Hoisting a heavy dumbbell overhead via a push press will provide more bang for your buck than a skullcrusher. Not saying the skullcrusher exercise is bad, it just won’t produce the results a push press will.Remember, if you’re going to do isolation exercises, you’ve gotta earn them.
  • Most people can learn proper form quickly. I included exercises that can be learned quickly. For example, it’s easier to learn how to properly perform a pull-up compared to a barbell hang clean.
  • Most people can perform the exercise safely without a spotter. Notice I said “most people”. Some people just do stupid things. But most people could safely perform a dumbbell bench press if they were training solo compared to a bench press if they didn’t have a power rack to protect them. We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of a guy getting stapled to the bench when training alone.
  • Does the exercise allow you to Train to be AwesomeBodyweight chin-ups are awesome. Squatting your bodyweight for the first time is awesome. Calf raises, while effective for building nice lower legs, are not awesome. (Note — I did include some abdominal exercises that hardly make you “awesome”, but I wanted to include my favorites since people would ask for them anyway).
  • I must be able to do the exercise(s) in my home gym. I have a power rack, barbell set, adjustable dumbbells, weight bench, back extension, a few kettlebells, resistance bands, suspension trainer, and some other odd and end toys. The only exercises included are ones I can do with this equipment.

So you get a grasp on the criteria above, let’s compare two wildly popular “chest” exercises — Barbell Bench Press versus Push-up.

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