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The Fatigue Fallacy: Why You Should NOT Finish Your Workouts Exhausted


I incorrectly assumed that the trend of working out with the goal of achieving a high state of fatigue each session was finally beginning to die out. But, apparently, it’s still growing. People think that if they don’t finish a workout on the brink of vomiting or completely exhausted that they didn’t work hard enough. Even worse, they think the workout was just a waste of time.

About a month ago a Lift Like a Girl reader emailed me about this topic. Her personal trainer carries around a chart with a scale from one to 10 that includes faces above each number. One is incredibly easy (and is represented with a smiley face) and 10 is an all out, gut busting … Click to continue reading

A Weekly Example of How I Currently Eat, Work Out, and Why I Do It This Way


“What does an average week of workouts and eating look like for you?”

I’ve been asked this question quite a bit recently; so it’s time to answer it for you.

Below you’ll see a glimpse of last week’s workouts, meals, and why I’m currently working out and eating the way I do.

Before we move on, please let me say that this is how I am working out and eating at the moment. The workouts are tailored to my goals and needs and the foods I eat are the ones I enjoy. Please don’t read this and say, “This must be how I’m supposed to do things,” because that’s probably not the case. I strongly believe in tailoring your workouts and eating habits to … Click to continue reading

6 (Sane and Simple) Rules to Lift Like a Girl, Get Results, and be More Awesome


A detailed, complicated, and complex regimen will produce better results than a simple, basic, bare-bones approach . . .

. . . Or so some would have you believe.

I’ve been a personal trainer for over 10 years now, and in that period of time my approach to health, fitness, and just helping people look and feel great naked has consistently simplified.

And the results speak for themselves.

Simple just . . . works. And it works ferociously well.

As you’re about to see, achieving your performance, health, and aesthetic goals really is this simple. Say “good-bye” to stressful and complicated routines that control your life and “hello!” to simple, practical, and flexible guidelines you can follow long-term.

You’ve likely seen the 30 Rules to Lift Like … Click to continue reading