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Consistency Trumps Perfection – It’s About Sustainable Habits


Consistently applying some simple nutrition guidelines and following a practical strength training program that easily fits into your schedule will produce better results than attempting to follow even the most perfect diet and workout regimen.

And I’m going to prove it in this article.

Consistency trumps perfection.

To prove this point I’m going to share a story about my friend, who I’ll refer to as Amanda.

Amanda has tried numerous popular diets and workout programs over the years. She’d begin them with fierce determination and proclaim, ‘”This time I’m going to be successful.”

So she started the latest rigid, restrictive diet and “hardcore” workout regimen, and after a couple of weeks she had already achieved some great results. Her pants were already looser … Click to continue reading

5 Problems with Rapid Fat Loss & Quick Fixes and What You Should Do Instead


Fast fat loss and other quick-fixes for building a better body. They’re everywhere.

And it makes total sense.

After all, what grabs your attention more?

You can lose 10 pounds of ugly, unwanted body fat in only 7 days! 

Or . . .

Lose 10 pounds of body fat in 10 weeks and keep it off long-term! 

The first claim – lose 10 pounds in only 7 days – tugs at your emotions and promises an immediate solution.

The second claim – lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks – definitely isn’t very exciting or sexy. I mean come on; only lose a single pound per week? Pffft. Why wait 10 weeks when you can follow the first approach and lose it in only 7 days?

It’s way more … Click to continue reading

Why You Should Say NO to The Skinny Rules and YES to Being Awesome


Let’s start this off with a disclaimer. First, I have no problem with women wanting to look “skinny” or “slender”. I encourage women to build the body THEY want, whatever that means to them. My problem with The Skinny Rules below isn’t about the “skinny” part. It’s the fact that those rules reinforce a negative mindset, contribute to obsessive compulsive eating patterns, feed on the “rapid fat loss” mentality, and are unrealistic to apply long-term.

Second, this article isn’t my typical style, but after reading “the skinny rules”, I couldn’t help but sigh in utter disappointment. After all, the wave of women choosing strength over dieting has been growing, faster than ever in my opinion. But books like The Skinny Rules … Click to continue reading