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51 Rules to Become Your Own (S)hero. Write Your Own Rules, Build a Body You Love, and Live an Awesome Life.


There’s no shortage of rules in the health and fitness world.

Heck, I’ve created some such as the 6 (Sane and Simple) Rules to Lift Like a Girl, Get Results, and be More Awesome, among others.

But while I think it’s terrific to look to others you trust and adopt some of their rules, I think it’s equally important to write your own set of rules. Specifically, when it comes to building the body you want, you need to do what makes you feel best. Set your own standards and don’t blindly follow fads or strive to achieve the look “they” say you should have.

I call this Becoming Your Own (S)hero, or for men, hero.

Let’s define this whole Become Your Own (S)hero thing first. What does that … Click to continue reading

When It Comes to Building the Body You Want, the Journey is the Destination


We want, and deserve, results from our hard work.

When we go to the gym consistently, get stronger, and eat well, we want to see the results immediately.

And quick results isn’t enough; we want to reach our main goal as soon as possible.

“How quickly can I go from where I am to where I want to be?” we ask.

It’s a valid question and one we all ask whether we’re trying to lose fat, buy a house, finish school, get out of debt, or break free from binge eating. We want to go from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible.

But, and this is really the important part . . .

The journey is the destination.

“Are we there yet?” Yes, … Click to continue reading

Top 7 Reasons You Should Train to Be Awesome


I’ve had the privilege over the past few years to watch, and be part of, a revolution in the world of women’s fitness. And the best part - it’s only getting stronger and gaining more momentum.

More and more women are saying . . .

NO to restrictive dieting
NO to relying on a number on the scale to determine their self-worth
NO to grueling workouts that leave them exhausted
NO to the “eat very little” and “work out ’til you drop” mentality
NO to obsessive eating habits
NO to body image shaming

And instead they are saying . . .

YES to eating satisfying, delicious meals
YES to getting stronger, both physically and mentally
YES to highlighting their own individual strengths and abilities
YES to being empowered
YES to enjoying a wide variety … Click to continue reading