A Weekly Example of How I Currently Eat, Work Out, and Why I Do It This Way

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“What does an average week of workouts and eating look like for you?”

I’ve been asked this question quite a bit recently; so it’s time to answer it for you. Below you’ll see a glimpse of last week’s workouts, meals, and why I’m currently working out and eating the way I do.

Before we move on, please let me say that this is how I am working out and eating at the moment.

The workouts are tailored to my goals and needs and the foods I eat are the ones I enjoy. Please don’t read this and say, “This must be how I’m supposed to do things,” because that’s probably not the case. I strongly believe in tailoring your workouts and eating habits to your lifestyle and preferences, and that’s exactly what I do.

I encourage you to do the same. Please keep that in mind as we move along.

Let’s begin with last week’s workouts. First, I’ll reveal my goals and why my workouts are structured the way they are.

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Muscle Sculpting Workout Tips Part 2

That’s my friend, Jill Coleman, of JillFitPhysiques.com

If you missed Muscle Sculpting Workout Tips Part 1, be sure to read that for the first five muscle sculpting tips.

Today we’ll cover five more muscle sculpting tips you can apply to your workouts to start adding sexy muscle in all the right places.

High(er) Frequency

When the goal is building muscle, most trainees turn to a 4-6 day per week bodybuilding split where each body part has it’s own day and is trained once a week. For example, many splits have an entire workout dedicated to a single muscle group. A generic layout with five workout days could be like this:

  • Day 1 – Chest
  • Day 2 – Back
  • Day 3 – Shoulders
  • Day 4 – Arms
  • Day 5 – Legs

With this example, each body part is trained only once per week but typically with several exercises for each body part. For instance, barbell bench press, dumbbell incline bench press, and dumbbell flyes for chest day.

There are several reasons I prefer, and recommend, total body or upper/lower splits when the goal is building muscle. First, you can cut down your workout days to 3-4 per week; this is much more practical for most trainees. Second, I prefer to train a muscle more frequently instead of blasting it in a single session so it receives a stimulus more often.

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The Women’s Beginner Strength Training Guide to Lift Like a Girl & Look Absolutely Awesome

newlogoimageI’ve dedicated an article specifically to beginner trainees in the past with 11 Beginner Strength Training Tips for Women, but today, I’m going beyond the tips and I’m giving you detailed information on how you should design your strength training program.

In addition, I’m going to provide you with a strength training template you can used based on equipment availability; whether you train at home with just your bodyweight and dumbbells, or if you have access to a barbell set and power-rack — I’m going to show you how to get the most results from your training program.

Please watch this video to get everything you need to achieve the best results possible from your strength training.  If you don’t have a chance to watch the video right now, I encourage you to do so whenever you have a few minutes to spare. I explain all of the topics from the video below, but please watch that as soon as you can as I share important beginner trainee information.

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