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How to Build a Better Body & Why You Won’t See Pictures of Me in a Bikini


That’s my [failed] attempt at putting a bikini on the Lift Like a Girl logo.

“Nia, why don’t you post photos of you in a swimsuit? You must not know what you’re doing if you never show photos of you in a bikini.”

I’ve received other similar messages calling me a fraud and claiming my “methods must not work” because I don’t display photos of me in a bikini. (And, last time I checked, my “methods” aren’t anything revolutionary or ground breaking. Unless, of course, you consider taking the Sane and Simple approach to eating and working out as the latest and greatest thing in the fitness world. Actually . . . that might make sense). Moving on . . .

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Vacation Time & Important Announcements


As of today I will be on vacation for the next 10 days. I’ll be invading and exploring the northeast, specifically the wonderful state of Maine.

My plans include eating a lot of lobster, checking out some local breweries and wineries, exploring Acadia National Park, visiting the beaches, playing at a place called “Monkey Trunks”, and eating more lobster, among some other awesome things.

But, I Will Have an Article for You Next Week

Be sure to check back next Tuesday for an awesome new article discussing an important topic I’ve neglected when it comes to “lifting heavy”.

One of my goals during this trip is to limit my time on the computer, and so that means a few things.

Regarding Apparel

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Stop Weighing on the Scale – Why, How to Get Better Results, and a Challenge


You can achieve better body transforming results and be much happier during the process if you stay off the scale. So, first things first – if you’re going to participate in the following challenge (staying off the scale), you need to get rid of it. Now. Yes, I haven’t told you why yet, but that doesn’t matter.

Go grab your scale, and then get rid of it.

Put it in a very inconvenient place so you’re not tempted to step on it; in the attic, somewhere in the garage, like a creepy corner that hasn’t seen a good spring cleaning since the 80s, or anywhere it’s not easily accessible. If you know you’ll crawl on your hands and knees into the dark … Click to continue reading