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Does Your Fitness Regimen Pass The Test? Why You Need to be able to Answer Yes! to This One Question


photo: some rights reserved by WingedWolf

Whether you’re currently following a fitness regimen or you’re looking for a new workout program and possibly even nutrition guidelines to embrace, you need to ask yourself an important question:

“Will I still be able to do this one month, six months, and a year from now?”

If your answer isn’t a definitive Yes, then it’s likely time you adopt a new approach or move on to the next possible solution.

Don’t revolve your life around a routine – rather adopt a routine that fits your lifestyle and preferences

Don’t try to follow a four-day-per-week workout routine when you know that more than three weekly gym visits isn’t practical

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Stay Lean Without Tracking Your Calories or Macros in 4 Easy Steps


photo: some rights reserved by Paula Guinto

This is a guest post from Armi Legge of I rarely discuss counting calories or macros, so this article is a great place to start for people who currently track their calories/macros and want some easy steps to gradually stop doing so, or to make the process much easier.

You want to be lean.

Maybe you’re not obsessed with your appearance, but you want that athletic look that shows you care about your body.

You start counting calories and you lose weight.

You’re thrilled, but at the same time, you don’t enjoy it. After a few weeks or months you get sick of logging your food into an app and weighing your plate before each meal.

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Nutrition is Complicated: You Can’t Trust Your Body or Figure It Out on Your own. Or so you’ve been told.


photo credit: some rights reserved by Susan von Struensee

At least . . . that’s what most fad diets cause you to believe.

Many diets operate under a simple principle: you can’t trust yourself or figure out this whole how-to-eat-well-to-build-a-great-looking-and-healthy-body thing on your own.

You need a diet to tell you what to do.

That’s why many fad diets come with a set of non-negotiable rules or other specific dos and don’ts. Follow the rules completely, and good things will happen. Slip and deviate from the diet even a little bit, and you’re going to fail. This is the “all or nothing” mentality that many diets create. Either you’re on the diet 100 percent, or you’re not. There’s no wiggle room. And, unsurprisingly, … Click to continue reading