Is Your Fitness Regimen Making You Awesome?

awesome“Become the strongest, most awesome version of yourself.”

Train to be awesome.”

“Live an awesome life.”

These are all phrases I say frequently, and it clearly demonstrates that I need to expand my vocabulary. But, nonetheless, today’s post is all about discovering your level of awesomeness.

So . . .

Are you awesome? Let’s see how you measure up. Which of these statements best describes you?

You work out twice per week. You’re awesome.

You work out seven days per week. You’re awesome.

You compete in powerlifting. You’re awesome.

You do crossfit and love it. You’re awesome.

You work out for the sole purpose of getting stronger and improving your performance. You’re awesome.

You don’t give a damn about getting stronger and work out for the sole purpose of looking great. You’re awesome.

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Lift Like a Girl TV with Jill Coleman: Give Your Mind a Makeover (This is the Ultimate Game Changer)

Jill ColemanLet me be blunt – if you want to take things to the next level, you need to watch this latest edition of Lift Like a Girl TV with my friend, Jill Coleman.

At the very least, read the Show Notes provided below the video.

Jill is an amazing woman and an incredible source of knowledge, experience, and insight. And in my opinion, she consistently shares some of the most unique and helpful information in the world of women’s health and fitness. And today, in addition to chatting about fat loss and nutrition, she also covers the hugely important (and often overlooked) topic of mindset.

And I get it: some people think all this “mindset” talk is stupid, unnecessary, or just not for them. In fact, I used to think the same thing. But once I actually explored this stuff (with an open mind!) I realized that it can be the missing link for building the body, and life, you truly want.

As the saying goes: don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Chances are high that if you’re struggling to achieve, or maintain, the results you want, then this information can make a HUGE difference.

In this episode of Lift Like a Girl TV, Jill and I discuss:

  • Why you must make a mental shift before changing your body
  • The missing link for long-term fat loss
  • How to harness a positive mindset that can drastically increase your rate of success
  • How to take a more relaxed, laid back approach to nutrition
  • Willpower – how to increase it
  • Tips for creating the life you want to live
  • Book recommendations
  • And much more

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For Transforming Your Body or Changing Your Life, Perspective is Your Greatest Tool

The following is a guest post from my friend and phenomenal life coach: the wonderful Jill Coleman. She’s going to reveal and explain why perspective is your greatest tool. Whether you want to lose fat, build a better body, or change your life – it’s all about perspective. This is powerful stuff and Jill is a Jedi Master when it comes to mindset. Enjoy!


Hello readers of Lift Like a Girl! Today I don’t want to talk about nutrition or training. I want to talk about perspective, and specifically why it’s, well, everything.

Perspective is your greatest tool.

First, I want to share something with you: I’ve been off my game lately. Not with food or exercise, but with my perception and mindset.

See, over the last couple months, I’ve had a few challenges pop up – one in my personal life and one in my professional life, both of which I’ve had a hard time moving past.

In short, I’ve taken the victim stance (i.e. wondering “Why is this happening to me?”) more than I normally would, and way more than I have in the last three years. I’ve been quicker to blame others. I’ve been deflecting and defending more readily, and I’ve shirked my responsibilities in these scenarios.

And do you want to know what my responsibilities are?


I am responsible for my attitude, my effort, my choices, the situations in which I find myself (even when someone else’s actions may have put me there!) and most importantly, I am responsible for my perception.

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Lift Like a Girl TV – Molly Galbraith of Girls Gone Strong: Body Image, Motivation, and Developing Long-Term Habits

Molly GThis episode of Lift Like a Girl TV features the amazing Molly Galbraith, co-founder of Girls Gone Strong.

To say that Molly shared a wealth of information is, quite honestly, an understatement.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How to deal with feeling obligated to look a certain way
  • How to be comfortable in your own skin at all times
  • The importance of, and how to, practice compassion and self-love
  • Why motivation won’t last forever, and what to do instead
  • How to stop obsessing over “forbidden foods”
  • The downside to cheat days and what to do instead

And a whole lot more so be sure to watch this.

There may even be a random dance sequence.

(My camera froze a few times so you’ll see some glamorous still shots. At least you’ll get a good laugh. You’re welcome.)

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Health and Fitness Gone Bad – When It Degrades Women, And What We Can Do About It

Health and Fitness Gone BadI was once told that my Lift Like a Girl t-shirt was degrading. That the whole lift like a girl manifesto was degrading to women.

I took the statement for the ignorant comment it was, laughed it off, and simply went about my day.

But later on I couldn’t help but think about the messages that are still, unfortunately, being spread in the world of women’s fitness. The ideas, statements, and philosophies that are degrading.

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What’s Your Excuse? (Why This is a Stupid Question and What to Ask Instead)

What Is Your ExcuseThere was a picture floating around the social media world with the question, “What’s your excuse?” posed to the reader.

The photo was of a mom and her kiddos and, in essence, the picture stated she was a busy, working mom but was still able to build and maintain a great looking body.

“What’s your excuse?” was being asked to those who can’t, or haven’t, been able to do what she has done. She works, takes care of her children, doesn’t get a ton of sleep, but still looks great. So, why don’t you is the question she asks.

But here’s the problem: asking “What’s your excuse?” is the wrong question. While it motivated some people to start a health and fitness regimen, it came off very negative and shaming to others.

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You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are

you are stronger than you think
photo credit: some rights reserved by Live Life Happy

I get it, really I do.

Sometimes (not for most Lift Like a Girl readers, but definitely women who start strength training for the first time) the thought of lifting a heavy barbell is intimidating.

Some women think (or have been brainwashed into believing) they’ll never be able to do chin-ups without any assistance.

Perhaps a double bodyweight (or more?) deadlift is out of reach or too hefty of a goal to strive for.

But, and here’s the important thing — you’re much stronger than you think you are.

You’re capable of much more than you realize.

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Confessions of a Personal Trainer: Experiences with Binge Eating and Over Exercising

confessions of a personal trainerIf I sit still for a moment, close my eyes, take a deep breath and relax, I can remember it like it was yesterday.

The disordered eating habits I battled. The binge eating episodes. The horrible, cruel, and negative things I would say to myself on a daily basis about my diet failures and how I didn’t look a certain way. The high standards with nutrition and working out I placed on myself. Basing my self-worth on the number displayed on the bathroom scale.

Obsessing over my perceived “flaws” and trying so desperately to “fix” them. Feeling like a total failure when I couldn’t stick to my diet and spiraled into a restrict — binge — restrict cycle. Forcing myself to perform extra workouts because of the frequent binge eating episodes.

For several years, this was my reality; disordered eating habits combined with over exercising and an abundance of negative self-talk — and I hated it.

After all, I was a personal trainer. I was supposed to have everything under control.

I knew that my actions and thoughts were wrong — binge eating, revolving my life around a diet, constantly engaging in negative self-talk, working out at least twice a day to the point of total exhaustion — but I just couldn’t break away from the horrible habits I had developed.

I felt like a hypocrite and total failure.

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6 (Sane and Simple) Rules to Lift Like a Girl, Get Results, and be More Awesome

sane and simple rules to lift like a girl

A detailed, complicated, and complex regimen will produce better results than a simple, basic, bare-bones approach . . . or so some would have you believe.

I’ve been a personal trainer for over 10 years now, and in that period of time my approach to health and fitness, and just helping people look and feel great naked has consistently simplified. And the results speak for themselves.

Simple just works. And it works exceptionally well.

As you’re about to see, achieving your performance, health, and aesthetic goals really is this simple. Say “good-bye” to stressful and complicated routines that control your life and “hello!” to simple, practical, and flexible guidelines you can follow long-term.

You’ve likely seen the 30 Rules to Lift Like a Girl before, but this article will condense everything down to the 6 most essential rules that will allow you to reach your goals.

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WHY You Work Out is Much More Important Than HOW You Work Out


Strength training, and working out in general, should never be used as a form of punishment.

For example, proclaiming to perform an extra, or just a more challenging workout, because you overate or indulged in some Halloween candy is not a good idea. If your workouts are fueled by the punishment mentality, then you really need to change things up. Now.

I quote my good friend, Jen Keck, very often and I’ll do so once again:

“Train because you love your body, not because you hate it.”

It’s a simple phrase, but let’s examine it a bit closer.

How many times have you done a workout because you over indulged at a party, ate more cookies than you initially planned, broke into your kid’s Halloween candy stash, or enjoyed a spontaneous dinner at your favorite restaurant?

An extra, or more grueling workout, was in order because you had to “work off” or “un-do the damage” from what you ate and get back on track with your fat loss plan..

Sound familiar?

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