NEW Lift Like a Girl Tutorial – Workouts, Exercise Demos, and Techniques in One Convenient Location

newlogoimageI’m excited to announce the newest Lift Like a Girl Tutorial.

This one has been a long time coming and it’s awesome because it includes:

  • Sample workout programs
  • Exercises and demonstration videos
  • Workout techniques for losing fat, getting stronger, and building muscle
  • And much more

And it’s all in one convenient spot so you don’t have to waste time searching.

The Tutorial will also get updated regularly with new content, so if you want to find some of the best sample workouts, exercises, workout techniques, and more featured on Lift Like a Girl, definitely check this out.

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Health and Fitness Gone Bad – When It Degrades Women, And What We Can Do About It

Health and Fitness Gone BadI was once told that my Lift Like a Girl t-shirt was degrading. That the whole lift like a girl manifesto was degrading to women.

I took the statement for the ignorant comment it was, laughed it off, and simply went about my day.

But later on I couldn’t help but think about the messages that are still, unfortunately, being spread in the world of women’s fitness. The ideas, statements, and philosophies that are degrading.

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The Fatigue Fallacy: You Don’t Have to Finish Your Workouts Exhausted

fatigue fallacyI thought the trend of working out with the goal of achieving a high state of fatigue each session was beginning to die out. But, it’s not. People think that if they don’t finish a workout on the brink of vomiting or completely exhausted that they didn’t work hard enough. Even worse, they think the workout was just a waste of time.

About a month ago a Lift Like a Girl reader emailed me; her personal trainer carries around a chart with a scale from one to 10 that includes faces above each number. One is incredibly easy (and is represented with a smiley face) and 10 is an all out, gut busting effort (represented with a very red, and sad looking, face). This is the chart he uses to measure her (and his other clients) exertion level.

According to her, “He demanded that I stay at nine or higher the entire workout.”

She contacted me because she felt discouraged. She doesn’t look forward to, let alone enjoy, her workouts. She wants to improve her health and lose body fat in the process, but part of her wants to give up because she feels sick every workout, gets incredibly sore, and just doesn’t feel great after completing her workouts.

“I’ve read on your website that you say people should finish their workouts feeling better than when they started. I want to believe you, but isn’t it necessary to work incredibly hard and finish each workout tired?”

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30 Rules to Lift Like a Girl & Be Absolutely Awesome

30llagA couple weeks ago, I came across an awesome article – 30 Rules to Lift Like a Man. It was a terrific list of training and nutrition “rules”, and I commented that women should follow the majority of them, too.

Because I strongly believe women should proudly Lift Like a Girl, I decided to create a list of my own, and by applying these “rules”, you’ll end up looking absolutely awesome.

Without further ado, I present to you – 30 Rules to Lift Like a Girl & Look Absolutely Awesome.


1. Lift Heavy Stuff. Ladies, if you want to look awesome, then you must lift heavy. What exactly do I mean by “heavy”? Ideally it’s a weight that is challenging for 3-10 reps (you can go higher with lower body exercises once you’ve attained a good level of strength). You should have to focus, and work hard, to complete your set on compound exercises like squats, push-ups, deadlifts, rows, presses, chin-ups, lunges, etc.

Also, this serves as a good rule of thumb.

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Lift Like a Girl Part 2

“Maybe I’ve done enough. Maybe I can stop here.”

That thought permeated my mind as I stood there, quivering, with a barbell pressing into my traps, sweat beading on my forehead, and my fingers clenching the iron bar. My knees were shaking, I was panting fervently, and I was almost dizzy from the previous 15 squats. Talking myself out of continuing the set was quite tempting, but I wanted to keep going – I knew I could do more.

Reluctantly, and stubbornly, I descended for another rep. Once I reached the full squat depth I pressed my head back, pushed my knees out, and drove through my heels to return to standing position. While it only took a few seconds, it felt as if that rep took a solid minute to complete.

I continued to pant and my legs quivered more with each additional rep. A bead of sweat rolled down my forehead and into my eye. Annoyed by the burning of the salty sweat I started to perform another squat.

“Seven . . . teen,” I grunted as I locked out the rep.

“Maybe I’ve done enough and can end the set here,” I contemplated once more as my breathing continued to increase and the weight began to feel heavier than it did when I first started the brutal set.

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