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Kettlebell & Bodyweight Density Workout (Guest Post)


Howdy, y’all! Today I have a guest post courtesy of my friend, Forest Vance. I don’t talk much about kettlebell training on this site, mostly because the only true kettlebell exercise I know how to do correctly is a swing. Forest is going to give you a great Kettlebell & Bodyweight Density Workout you can do in a matter of minutes along with a couple of demonstration videos. Enjoy!

The HardStyle kettlebell system is about:

Getting the most you can out of the basic kettlebell moves.
Getting maximum results in miniumum time.
Getting stronger and improving performance – while helping you simultaneously gain lean muscle and lose body fat.
Sticking to time-tested principles that ACTUALLY WORK.

HardStyle kettlebell training is what we do at my fitness … Click to continue reading

10 Minute Time Crunch Workouts for Fat Loss

sandbag zercher squat

I told you last week that I would share one of my favorite kettlebell complex with you. You're also going to get a 10 minute sandbag and dumbbell workout. These are perfect if you don't have a lot of time to workout but you still want results.

Also, if you want more information about training with kettlebells, make sure you check out the interview with kettlebell expert Chris Lopez: Kettlebell Interview Part 1 and also Kettlebell Interview Part 2.

There are a couple of ways you can use these following workouts:

1) To replace a workout if you're short on time

2) At the end of a workout to crank up your fat burning furnace

3) To replace traditional cardio (long, slow cardio, intervals, etc)

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Your Kettlebell Questions Answered Part 2

The Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts

The other day Chris Lopez from answered some great questions about training with kettlebells. If you missed that, you can check it out here: Your Kettlebell Questions Answered.

Definitely check out Part 1 before you read Part 2

-(Nia): What is the biggest benefit, or advantage, of training with kettlebells?

Chris Lopez: For me, it's the portability.

Knowing that I have a “gym” in the trunk of my car gives me this certain sense of freedom that I can train whenever and where ever I feel like.

Another HUGE advantage is the time it takes to complete a workout. Where the average gym workout would take 45mins – 60mins, KB workouts usually take 20-30mins depending on the intensity and your … Click to continue reading