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14 Train to Be Awesome FAQs

TBA Guide - Copy

It is with great enthusiasm that I reveal the highly anticipated Train to Be Awesome Guide.

Click here to check it out now or keep reading for more information about who the Train to Be Awesome Guide is for, what you can expect, and what all is included.

Let’s go over the most common questions asked about the Train to Be Awesome Guide.

Question: Is this just a workout program?

Answer: Absolutely not! There is additional information you need that’s included in The Guide that will show you how to become the strongest, most awesome version of yourself.

You’ll discover EXACTLY how to forge a positive mindset with a step-by-step guide, no nonsense nutrition for eating to be awesome that’s completely diet free and void … Click to continue reading

Muscle Sculpting Program FAQs

Muscle Scuplting Program2 - Copy

I’ve received several questions about the new 15 Week Muscle Sculpting Program, and I assume other ladies may be wondering the same things.

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding the Muscle Sculpting Program.

1)  Can you tell me what kind of equipment is used/needed for the program? I workout at home. It sounds like mostly dumbbells for split work but I want to make sure.

The Muscle Sculpting Program uses a wide variety of equipment. Primarily the exercises require just a barbell set and some dumbbells. But there are also exercises that require a back extension, and a cable machine. It would also be helpful to have a stability ball, suspension trainer, or leg curl machine (you just need one and not all … Click to continue reading