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Kettlebell & Bodyweight Density Workout (Guest Post)


Howdy, y’all! Today I have a guest post courtesy of my friend, Forest Vance. I don’t talk much about kettlebell training on this site, mostly because the only true kettlebell exercise I know how to do correctly is a swing. Forest is going to give you a great Kettlebell & Bodyweight Density Workout you can do in a matter of minutes along with a couple of demonstration videos. Enjoy!

The HardStyle kettlebell system is about:

Getting the most you can out of the basic kettlebell moves.
Getting maximum results in miniumum time.
Getting stronger and improving performance – while helping you simultaneously gain lean muscle and lose body fat.
Sticking to time-tested principles that ACTUALLY WORK.

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Have a Fun Workout Part 2

sandbag zercher squat

Note – For more information on “fun workouts” be sure to check out Have a Fun Workout.

It was a breezy, blue sky Sunday afternoon with temperatures in the low 90s. We stood in the middle of a large park with soccer fields, hair being blown from the wind, my crazy dog running around with her tongue hanging from her mouth, and we stared at the toys we brought with us: three kettlebells and one 50 pound homemade sandbag.

Let the fun begin.

It was Memorial Day, and being a Monday I was scheduled to perform squats, according to my current training program. However, it was a beautiful sunny day, and we couldn’t resist the urge to go outside and train.

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