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3 Bodyweight Exercises You Should Try for Glutes, Shoulders, and Legs


It’s no secret that I like bodyweight workouts and exercises.

Not only can bodyweight workouts be the ultimate time-saver (because you can do the workouts absolutely anywhere) but there are dozens of excellent exercises you can use that will help you get stronger, sculpt some muscle, improve your overall health, and lose body fat.

Below you’re going to see 3 bodyweight exercises you can use for targeting your glutes, shoulders, and legs.

And let me just say – many people think bodyweight exercises are “too easy”. Well, if you try these exercises (which you absolutely should) prepare to be humbled.

First up: the glutes.

Band Resisted Hip Thrusts

You may have already seen this exercise from Bret Contreras, and it’s probably my favorite glute exercise at the moment. … Click to continue reading

5 Extreme Bodyweight Strength Exercises


I’m super excited to share this great guest post with you courtesy of Al Kavadlo the author of Pushing the Limits! Total Body Strength with No Equipment and Raising the Bar: The Definitive Guide to Bar Calisthenics.

In this article he’s going to share 5 advanced bodyweight strength exercises. If these are too advanced for you right now, then check out progressions for hip thrusts, pistols, push-ups, and handstand push-ups that will show you how to work your way from beginner to advanced variations.

Oh, and don’t think for a second that bodyweight exercises aren’t challenging or won’t help you build a better looking, stronger body. We’ve already busted those bodyweight workout myths.



As bodyweight strength training experiences a resurgence in the mainstream, I … Click to continue reading

Busting Bodyweight Exercise Myths – The Truth about Building a Better Body with Bodyweight Workouts

IMG_0418 (640x480) - Copy

It’s always fun to take a sledge hammer to popular myths. We’ve done it before with 6 Female Strength Training Myths that Won’t Die.

Today, we’re gonna shatter some common bodyweight exercise and workout myths.

Loosen up your arm and let’s start swingin’!

Myth #1 – You Can’t Get Strong With Bodyweight Exercises

Yes, you can get crazy strong with bodyweight exercises. But please keep in mind the rule of specificity. There’s a difference between getting strong on the powerlifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift) and being able to perform advanced bodyweight exercises such as pistols and handstand push-ups. The term “strength” is relative and we must keep things in context.

Will you become a world record powerlifter using nothing but bodyweight exercises? No, of … Click to continue reading