Overview of the Lift Like a Girl Guides, eBooks, Workout Programs, and Bundles

Many people have requested a brief overview of the eBooks, guides, workout programs, and bundles currently offered in the Lift Like a Girl store.

Ask, and you shall receive. Below is a summary and brief description of the items offered in the Lift Like a Girl store, and this will be updated as more eBooks and programs are added.

And if you have any questions about what’s best for you or want other questions answered, please contact me and I’ll gladly help you out.

The Train to be Awesome Guide

Train To Be Awesome GuideJust like the name implies, this is a guide that will allow you to  build the body you want by becoming a stronger, more awesome version of yourself.

To achieve this goal you’ll be equipped with the Train to be Awesome Manual that shows you how:

  • To forge a strong, powerful mindset (and why doing so will skyrocket your results)
  • How to Eat to be Awesome with six simple, diet-free guidelines
  • Step-by-step success guide (so there’s zero guesswork on your part)
  • The Train to be Awesome markers (these are the elements you’ll track that truly matter; hint – the scale is NOT one of them)

The Train to be Awesome Guide also includes three different strength training workout programs that give you a total of 40 weeks worth of workouts:

  • 8 Week BLAST-OFF Program – this is great for beginners or people who are short on time but want to achieve maximum results and calls for three strength training workouts per week
  • 16 Week Train to be Awesome Program – the original Train to be Awesome Program that calls for 3-4 workouts per week (your choice!)
  • The Advanced 16 Week Train to be Even MORE Awesome Program – get stronger and even MORE awesome with 3-4 workouts per week (your choice)

Exercise Demonstration Videos – every exercise has its own demonstration video so you’ll know exactly how to perform every exercise (over 50 videos). These programs use dumbbells, barbells, back extension machine, and your own bodyweight.

If you want to get stronger, be more awesome, or lose fat and “tone up”, then this is a great place to start. (This is still one of the most popular items in the Lift Like a Girl store).

Click here for more information about the Train to be Awesome Guide. 

Sane and Simple Nutrition

Sane And Simple NutritionRigid diets force you to revolve your life around them, and they can lead to obsessive eating habits (and even binge eating). And that absolutely sucks, to be blunt. That’s why I prefer flexible, simple guidelines and not rules, meal plans, or typical diets.

Nutrition should be effortless and not require much thought on a day-to-day basis after you get accustomed to the flexible guidelines, and that’s what Sane and Simple Nutrition is all about: establishing eating habits you can sustain long-term with ease. That you you not only achieve the results you want, but you can maintain them long-term.

Bottom line: stripping nutrition down to the bare essentials is the simplest, easiest, and most stress-free way possible to build the body you want and improve your performance. Simple, flexible guidelines are superior to diets and meals plans for long-term success, and that’s what you’ll discover in the Sane and Simple Nutrition eBook.

Click here for more information about Sane and Simple Nutrition.

Better Body by Minimalism

better body by minimalismThis is a done-for-you guide that provides the bare essentials so you can achieve (and maintain!) extraordinary results AND save time.

Get everything you need, and nothing you don’t, in a convenient, complete package.

Better Body by Minimalism includes:

  • Minimalist Nutrition Guidelines: no dieting, forbidden foods, counting calories, or other obsessive-habits: just simple, enjoyable, flexible guidelines that turn into effortless, life-long habits.
  • 4 Unique Done-for-You Minimalist Strength Training Routines. Achieve maximum results with these minimalist routines: the Weight Training, Bodyweight-only, Rest/Pause, and Move More/Rest Less.
  • Over 50 Exercise Demonstration Videos so you’ll know how to correctly, and safely, perform every exercise.
  • The Minimalist Cheat Sheet: the simple 3-step process so you get on (and stay on!) that fast track to success.
  • Additional Guidelines on how and when to include cardio, when and how to take breaks from strength training, how to combine various minimalist strength training routines for even more variety . . .
  • And more.

Click here for more information about Better Body by Minimalism.

Intuitive Strength Training

Intuitive Strength TrainingIntuitive strength training is all about being able to listen to your body on any given day, and adjusting your workouts accordingly for maximum results.

Following a training program is great, but what if you’re scheduled to lift heavy today but you just don’t feel up to it? Should you force yourself to do it anyway?

What if today is supposed to be an easy workout day, but you feel incredible and want to see what you’re capable of doing?

What if a certain exercise causes pain or just doesn’t feel right? Should you do it anyway or switch it out for a different one?

Intuitive strength training allows you to take advantage of your best days and shows you how to make the most of your not-so-good-days so you can keep making progress. Even better: this is something you can do with practically any workout program you’re following.

Intuitive strength training is more beneficial for intermediate to advanced strength trainees. If that’s you, then it may be time to start training intuitively because you can achieve even better results by listening to your body and working WITH it.

Intuitive Strength Training is a 70 page eBook that explains what intuitive strength training is, why it’s so beneficial, and how to do it effectively. It also includes several workout templates so you can design your own programs (and there are some done-for-you programs too).

Click here for more information about Intuitive Strength Training.

33 Ways to Break Free from Binge Eating

Break Free from Binge EatingBreak free from obsessive and binge eating habits, for good. And become the most awesome version of yourself in the process.

What’s really special about this book – aside from its ease of reading and abundance of practical information – is that its author has won her own battle with binge eating. Therefore, what follows is not just a set of research-based solutions, but also Nia’s powerful, personal touch as someone who has been through the struggle and emerged victorious.”
-Alan Aragon

Click here for the Kindle version.

Click here for the paperback.

Individual Workout Programs

Some people prefer a workout program with little to no additional information. They just want a strength training program suited for their goals, some demonstration videos, clear and detailed workout notes so there’s zero guesswork, and maybe even printable workout logs.

If that sounds like what you want, then the workout programs are what you should check out.

3x3x3 Program

3x3x3 program

This is a 10 week program that uses barbells, dumbbells, and your bodyweight.

This is perfect for the trainee who demands maximum results from minimum workouts.

  • 3 strength training workouts per week
  • 3 main exercises per workout
  • 3 sets per exercise

That’s how you get 3x3x3.

If you like to work hard in a short period of time but demand maximum results from your effort, then this is the strength training program for you.

Also included in this program:

  • How to customize the program for YOUR goals
  • Demonstration videos for all exercises
  • Printable workout logs

Click here for more information about the 3x3x3 program.

12 Week Dumbbell and Bodyweight Program

SHOPdumbbellThis 12 week program uses dumbbell and bodyweight exercises exclusively.

This is perfect for the trainee with a home gym, someone who needs a break from heavy barbell lifting, or someone who prefers using joint-friendly exercises exclusively in their programs.

The 12 week program calls for three strength training workouts per week and utilizes weekly undulating periodization to ensure you keep making progress the entire time.

There’s also:

  • Demonstration videos for every exercise
  • Detailed workout notes so you know exactly what to do
  • Printable workout logs

For this program you’ll need a variety of dumbbells, a chin-up bar, a weight bench, and your bodyweight. That’s it.

Click here for more information about the 12 Week Dumbbell and Bodyweight Program.

Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide

Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout GuideThis is the guide for trainees who prefer bodyweight-only workouts. Whether you’re super busy and want to work out at home, you need a break from heavy weight lifting, or you need a great program you can perform while traveling, then this is the guide for you.

The Bodyweight Guide has two unique workout programs:

  • 14 Week Beautiful Badass-ification Program: if you want to lose fat and/or sculpt some muscle, this is the program for you. This program is divided into three separate phases and includes advanced workout techniques such as rest/pause training, timed sets, 1.5 reps, fat-burning circuits, and more.
  • 8 Week Get Strong! Program: if you want to be able to perform chin-ups, advanced push-ups, single leg squats, handstand push-ups, and increase your overall strength, then this is for you.

The Bodyweight Guide also includes demonstration videos for every exercise (including beginner to advanced progressions) AND workout technique, so there’s zero guesswork.

Click here for more information about the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide.

54321 Method – a 10 Week Strength Program

54321 MethodAs the name implies, this is a 10 week program that’s all about building strength using the 54321 ladder method.

Please note, this program is not for beginners. You must be an intermediate or advanced strength trainee to perform this program.

This 10 week strength-focused program includes:

  • Demonstration videos for every exercise
  • Detailed instructions so you’ll know exactly what to do
  • Pre- and post-test workout logs
  • Printable workout logs
  • 10 week bonus round of the 54321 method

This program calls for three strength training workouts per week and uses barbells, dumbbells, a power rack, and bodyweight exercises.

Click here for more information about the 54321 Method program.

15 Week Muscle Sculpting Program

Muscle Sculpting ProgramThis 15 week program is, you guessed it, for sculpting muscle. This is also another program I would reserve for the intermediate to more advanced trainee. Beginners would do much better with a beginner-specific program as provided in the Train to be Awesome Guide.

This program is divided into three-five week phases and rotates high volume and low volume/high intensity training.

Also included in the Muscle Sculpting Program:

  • The six simple steps to muscle sculpting success
  • Muscle sculpting nutrition guidelines
  • Detailed workout notes
  • Video demonstrations for most exercises

And more.

Click here for more information about the Muscle Sculpting Program.

Important Notes

I do my best to provide helpful support, so you’re not on your own after purchasing an item(s) from the Lift Like a Girl store. If you have any questions along the way, please contact me immediately and I’ll gladly help you out.

Every item in the Lift Like a Girl store is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee (except for 33 Ways to Break Free from Binge Eating which is sold on Amazon). If you’re not satisfied you can get a full refund.

And please note, everything currently offered is available in electronic format only so you’ll get instant access. You can view all of the items on a smart phone, tablet, or computer that supports PDF format. The Train to be Awesome Guide is “zipped” (because it includes multiple files) and will require the free WinZip app (or another free app of your choice) to “unzip” the file. Again, if you need any assistance please contact me immediately.

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