Get Stronger in Only 16 Weeks with a Proven, Motivating Workout Program

If you want to get stronger, please allow me to say, “Congratulations!”

Sadly, most women don’t have “get stronger” at the top of their workout goals.

And that’s very unfortunate.


Because having the goal of getting stronger is incredibly motivating, empowering, and is a great way to actually build a better body.

So THAT is why I said, “Congratulations!” to you.

Getting stronger has several rewards. Yes, building a great looking body is definitely one of them, but get stronger can also lead to a huge boost in self-confidence.

That’s a win-win.

With that in mind, please allow me to ask you a few brief questions . . .

Would you like to discover what your body, and even mind, are capable of doing and achieving in the weight room?

Do you want fun, motivating workouts you actually enjoy?

Do you like to challenge yourself?

If you answered “yes!” to these questions, then keep reading because the (S)hero Program is what you want!

The 16 Week (S)hero Workout Program was developed from the work I’ve done with my clients over the past couple of years. I’ve tested and tweaked a few things along the way, and the (S)hero Training Program is the final result. And it’s ready for you!

Hi Nia,

I wanted to make sure I thanked you for helping me meet my goals for 2012. I had written down on a posty note last June that by February 2013 I wanted to Front Squat, RDL, and Hip Thrust my body weight load, as well as perfom an Incline Press at 50% Body weight and and at least do one chin-up.

At that time I weighed 150 – 155lbs. With your (S)hero program, I killed them all! Front squat 150 x 7 reps, back squat 175 x 7, RDL 185 x 7, Sumo 225 x 5, Hip Thrust 175 x 20, Bench 105 x 12 and 7 chin ups – whoot! whoo! And did it all by the end of November 2012.

Thanks again for your great programs and advice. They work!

Best wishes for a great 2013,


The 16 week workout program is all about building physical, and mental strength, but having a lot of fun in the process.

Results after completing the first three phases of the (S)hero program:

OK, drumroll, please!

Squat – went from 115 to 175#
Military press – went from 45 to 70#
Bent over barbell row – 75 to 90#
Deadlift – 145 to 175# (no straps!)

A Sneak Peek at The (S)hero Workout

The 16 week program is divided into four separate, 4-week training phases.

(S)hero Workout Phases 1 and 3

In Phases 1 and 3 you’ll perform three total body workouts each week. These two phases are high intensity and low volume.

Not only will you increase your strength with Phase 1 and Phase 3 of the (S)hero Workout Program, but you’re also going to increase your self-confidence and forge mental fortitude. That’s because the High Intensity Training used in these phases requires you to push yourself hard.

Most (S)hero users also say they love the high intensity training format because it’s different from their typical workouts.

(S)hero Workout Phases 2 and 4

In Phases 2 and 4 you’ll perform four workouts each week using an upper/lower workout split. These two phases are lower intensity and higher volume.

The change in volume and intensiveness allows for fat loss and additional strength gains. These phases provide your body and mind with a little break from Phases 1 and 3 since you won’t be pushing each set as hard, and you’ll notice some awesome benefits from doing so.

Results after completing the first three phases of (S)hero:

  • Front squat – started at 95×9 and now up to 125×6
  • Military press – started at 55×9 and now up to 75×7
  • Bent over row – started at 85×9 and now up to 120×6
  • Reverse lunge – started at 30lb dumbbells and now up to 50
  • Push-up – started at 10 and now up to 35
  • Barbell hip thrust – started at 205 and now up to 310
  • Deadlift – started at 165×9 and now up to 195×5
  • Bench press – started at 95×9 and now up to 120×5
  • Neutral grip pull-up – started at bodyweight + 2.5 pounds for 8 reps, now up to bodyweight + 15lbs x 5 reps
  • Suspended inverted row – started at bodyweight x 10, now up to bodyweight + 20 pounds x 10


What Does the (S)hero Workout Include?

The manual contains a detailed, easy to follow, 16 week workout program that consists of four separate training phases.

Also provided is a list of acceptable exercise substitutions if you are unable to perform certain exercises in the program, or have limited equipment. You can perform every workout with just your bodyweight and barbell and/or dumbbells if you choose. I also provide exercise substitutions/alternatives if you have access to a fully loaded gym.

Finally, I give you detailed training logs so all you have to do is take them with you to the gym and record your training weights and reps.

Girls, don’t be scared to lift weights or “train like a man”. I’ve had a few girls go through this programme and they’ve all looked friggin’ hot!

-Marc Stokes

 What You Can Expect

You will get stronger and even lose body (as long as you eat intelligently, but that’s a no-brainer) if you work hard, apply 100 percent effort, and follow the guidelines in the training program.

Furthermore, you will forge a new level of mental fortitude. While that may not sound very exciting, I promise you’ll be blown away. Most clients also report increased levels of self-confidence.

You will witness the true capabilities of your physical and mental strength. You’ll also have a blast while doing so.

Get Stronger!

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