Program Comparison: Which Workout or Guide is Best for You?

If you’re not sure which workout program or complete guide is best for you, this page will guide you in the right direction. If your question isn’t answered on this page and you want more helping choosing the best program for you, please send me a message via the Contact tab at the top of this page.

“What are the differences between The Train to Be Awesome Guide, the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide, Sane and Simple Nutrition, and Intuitive Strength Training?”

Let’s start from the most recently released program breaking down and discussing the following components:

  • What It Is
  • What’s Included
  • Training Level
  • Equipment Needed


First, let’s ask some quick, basic questions that may provide your answer.

Question: Want to build the body you want and will love that you can maintain long-term? Oh, and would you like to do it without dieting, following obsessive-eating habits, OR performing long, grueling workouts? Want a proven system that will not only transform your body but also your mind?

No, that’s not a joke. If you’re ready to build the body you want, I suggest you do so the Train to Be Awesome way. Check out the Train to Be Awesome Guide. It has a Train to Be Awesome Guide, a 16 Week Workout Program, and Demonstration Videos for every single exercise.

Question: Do you want bodyweight workouts that you can literally do anytime, and anywhere? Do you also want detailed demonstration videos for every single exercise in addition to two awesome training programs?

If you answered “Yes”, then definitely snag the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide.

Question: Do you want to learn how to listen to your body and work with it so you can get the best results possible from your workouts?

If you answered “Yes”, then check out the Intuitive Strength Training ebook.

Question: Do you want the ultimate guide that will allow you to break free from diets and obsessive eating habits and ultimately build the body you want with stress-free nutrition guidelines that are tailored to your preferences?

If you answered “Yes”, then check out Sane and Simple Nutrition.

Let’s take a closer look at each guide so you can see which one is best for you.

Train to Be Awesome Guide

TBA Guide

I’ll tell you right now that the Train to be Awesome Guide is currently the most popular.

What It Is

The Train to Be Awesome Guide is a complete, proven system for building the body you want and will love while becoming a stronger, more awesome version of yourself.

What does that mean exactly?

It means the focus will be on getting stronger – physically AND mentally. When you do that, you’ll achieve the physique results you want.

I would also consider this the next best thing to hiring me to personally design a program for you.

What It Will Do for YOU

Discover how simple and fun building a great body truly is.

You will NOT diet or follow any rigid, obsessive eating habit rules.

You will NOT perform long, grueling workouts that leave you exhausted.

You’ll build the body you want, get stronger, improve your self-confidence, and have fun in the process.

What’s Included

TBA Guide

The Train to Be Awesome Guide

The guide is split into 4 main sections:

          • Train to Be Awesome Philosophy: this section covers how to think, train, and eat to be awesome.
          • Train to Be Awesome Success Guide: this step-by-step guide tells you EXACTLY what to do so you can achieve the results you want.
          • Train to Be Awesome Markers: this is something that really makes the Train to Be Awesome Guide unique. This section reveals the markers you’ll track throughout the course of the program. You do NOT weigh yourself or track body fat percentages, because those don’t truly matter. Instead you’ll track your performance on 4 main exercises in addition to 2 subjective markers.

That brings us to Section 4 . . .

16 Wk Program

The 16 Week Train to Be Awesome Program

This is not your typical workout program.

The 16 Week Train to be Awesome Program consists of 3-4 strength training workouts per week that only take approximately 40 minutes each to complete. Not only will you shed fat and sculpt the lean body you want, but you’ll become a stronger and more awesome version of yourself.

You’ll accomplish this goal through a combination of bodyweight and free-weight exercises, and you’ll know exactly how many sets and reps to perform and how long to rest between exercises. There’s zero guesswork involved and you’ll know how to progress each and every exercise so you can keep getting great results.

The result? Build the body you want AND become stronger and even more awesome.


The 8 Week Beginner BLAST-OFF Program

Achieve maximum results quickly with this proven 8 week program.

The Blast-Off Program is the perfect for:

          • Those who are new to strength training.
          • Someone who hasn’t recently participated in a strength training program and quickly wants to get back into the routine of working out.
          • The individual who isn’t a stranger to working out but wants to “reset” and get back to a basic routine that ensures quick results.

The Beginner BLAST-OFF Program is all about allowing you to achieve results quickly with only 3 workouts per week that revolve around the best, basic exercises.

TBA Video

Exercise Demonstration Videos

Every single exercise, and the warm-up routine, has a demonstration video.

You’ll know exactly how to safely and properly perform every exercise.

You can watch the videos on your smart phone, tablet, and computer. Since the videos are hosted on a Private page, you won’t have to save the videos to your device and waste a ton of space.

There are over 50 demonstration videos.


Equipment Needed

As long as you have dumbbells and/or a barbell set, then you’re good to go. I also recommend a suspension trainer but provide alternative exercises if you don’t have one.

Click Here to get started now and become the strongest, most awesome version of yourself.


 Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide

Smaller Cover

What It Is

The ultimate guide to demolish any potential excuses for not building a better body.

Short on time?

Don’t have a gym membership or equipment?

It doesn’t matter. These workouts can be done anytime and anywhere.

What’s Included

Smaller Cover

The Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide that covers everything you need to build the body you want.

Topics such as the important of progression including seven ways to progress bodyweight exercises are discussed.





Smaller Program Covers

Two unique workout programs.

Wanna get strong(er)? You can do it with this program. Whether you want to perform your first chin-up or bust out L sit chin-ups, then the 8 Week Get Strong! Program is what you need.

Just wanna sculpt some sexy muscle and/or lose fat and look awesome? Then you’ll love the 14 Week Total Beautiful Badass-ification Program.


SmallerVideo BB


Detailed demonstration videos of every exercise, advanced workout techniques, and several fat burning finishers.



Training Level

From beginner to advanced trainee, you’re all set.

The videos demonstrate exercise progressions from the most basic level to advanced. For example, you’ll learn  how to progress from elevated push-ups for the raw beginner to one arm push-ups for the more advanced trainee.

The workouts are based on variations for each exercise. For example, in the Total Beautiful Badass-ification Program you may be told to “use a variation that allows you to perform 10-12 reps.” There are video demonstrations for every variation.

Equipment Needed

You don’t need any equipment, but I highly recommend having either a suspension trainer or pull-up bar. If I had to pick just one, definitely get a suspension trainer because they’re incredibly versatile and very travel friendly.

Click here to check out the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide.


Sane and Simple Nutrition


What It Is

The ultimate, no nonsense guide to eating to build a better body. You’ll discover how to ditch diets and break from from obsesssive eating habits, for good. There’s also information for identifying and handling domino foods, why you should not have “forbidden foods”, how to eat your favorite foods guilt free, other other important topics not usually discussed in “diet” books.

Basically, it’s about relearning the most basic, simplest, common sense approach to eating that is tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

Sane and Simple Nutrition shows you how to listen to your body so you can eat stress free and build the body you want.

Click here for more information about Sane and Simple Nutrition.


Intuitive Strength Training

intuitive - Copy

What It Is

This 70 page ebook is the guide to showing you how to listen to, and work with, your body in order to get the best results possible from your workouts.

This ebook includes a couple workout templates you can use to design your own programs based on your goals, the days per week you want to work out, and the equipment you have available.

Also included are two done-for-you workout programs if you prefer to just be told what to do.

Click here for the full Table of Contents for Intuitive Strength Training.

Or, click here to Browse the Lift Like a Girl Bookstore to see all of the guides, ebooks, workout programs, and bundles offered.

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