Sand Bag Workouts

The other day I showed you how to make your own sand bag. If you missed that video, make sure you check it out => How To Make Your Own Sand Bag.

Now that you have your own sand bag (or bags if you made a few with different poundages) it’s time to use it! The great thing about sand bag workouts is that you can use them for many different purposes: burning body fat, improve conditioning and endurance, increase strength, and even building muscle.

If you have never used a sand bag before, be prepared: they are tougher than you might think. Since the sand bag moves around while you workout, you have to work harder to control it. Also, sand bag workouts are fun because it’s a great change of pace from lifting free weights, doing traditional cardio, etc.

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How To Make Your Own Sand Bag

Sand bags are usually used to stop flood waters, but today I am going to show you how to make your own sand bag that you can use for workouts. This whole process should cost about $30, depending on how heavy you make your sand bag.

You’ll see how to make the sand bag in the following video, but I’ll go ahead and list the required components you will need:

  • -Two heavy duty contractor bags
  • -Duct tape
  • -Duffle bag or something similar
  • -Pea gravel (I use pea gravel just in case the bag breaks; it’s easier to clean up than sand)

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The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

Instead of giving you more fat loss and nutrition information today, I thought I would give you a sample workout that I am dubbing the ultimate fat burning workout. Is this the “holy grail” of fat burning workouts? Well, I don’t think there is such a thing, but if you put 100% into these workouts, you will definitely burn off some body fat. To really get a great fat burning effect, make sure you follow smart nutrition principles.

So without further ado, here is the ultimate fat burning workout.

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Bodyweight Workout & Dumbbell Complex for Weight Loss

Today I want to show you a couple of videos that I filmed on my vacation in May.

The first video is an example of a dumbbell complex that you can use for weight loss and fat burning. All you need is a set of dumbbells.

You can do this dumbbell complex at the end of your workout for a fat burning boost, or do them on your off days. With the dumbbell complex you want to use the heaviest weight possible but still perform each rep perfectly; no sloppy reps allowed.

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Upper Body Exercises You Could be Performing Incorrectly

Train for StrengthEvery day I step foot in the gym, I see people doing exercises incorrectly. (Or stupid exercises all together). Either they aren’t getting the most out of the exercise, or they are simply putting themselves in danger.

As a result of seeing many people (and numerous trainers) performing exercises incorrectly, I am going to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts.

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Want a Better Body? Control Your Bodyweight (with Bodyweight Exercises)

Video 7 0 00 13-26One of the absolute best ways to build a lean, athletic, and healthy body is to perform bodyweight exercises. Too many people blow off bodyweight exercises because they think they are only for beginners, such as push-ups. Others think they are too tough, and don’t even strive to perform them, such as pistols or pull-ups.

Side note: everyone should be doing some form of push-ups. I don’t care if you are a beginner or if you can bench press 1000 pounds. They can benefit everyone.

Another bodyweight exercise everyone should be doing is chin-ups. Forget doing lat pull-downs or using some machine; chin-ups are the ultimate upper body pulling exercise. It is so much more beneficial than pull-downs could ever be. If you only do cable pull-downs in your training, switch over to using your bodyweight today and do some chin-ups. If you can’t perform them on your own, you can do assisted versions (bar at shoulder level in a power rack) where your feet are on the ground and you can use leg drive, or you can use a thick band to wrap around the bar and place your knee or foot in for assistance.

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Stop Trying to Reach an Ideal Weight

Let’s take a quick poll: if you have an ideal weight in mind that you would like to reach (higher or lower), raise your hand.

Okay. If you won’t truly be happy until you reach that ideal weight, keep your hand up.

I’m willing to bet that most people reading this have their hand in the air. If you do, then make sure you read the rest of this post. If you don’t, read it anyway because you could learn something.

Once again, I’ll provide you with some background information. There was a time in my life when I had an ideal weight in my head. I knew that I wanted to reach that weight. The day I finally weighed in at that specific number, I knew I would finally be happy and feel as if I accomplished something. Or so I thought . . .

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Women Should Not be Afraid to Get Strong

If you’ve been reading my blog for anything length of time, I’m sure you knew this was coming eventually.

The truth of the matter is this: most women are terrified to lift anything remotely heavy because they are afraid they’ll be big and bulky. *Sigh*

I’ll start off by stating this fact. A woman I used to train competed in pageants. I’m not talking figure or bodybuilding pageants—think beauty pageants. She competed in the Mrs. Kentucky pageant and won. She later went on to place in the top 10 in the Mrs. Universe pageant.

I’m sure you know that women in those competitions are not big and bulky. They are lean, fit, and sexy.

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27 of the Best Weight Loss Exercises

I created a list with some of the best exercises for weight loss. Now while this is by no means an exhaustive list, you could simply only use these exercises and get amazing weight loss results.

If you don’t know how to perform an exercise, just leave a question below and I’ll help you out. Now, on to some of the best exercises for weight loss!

1) Back squats—this exercise needs no explanation or introduction. The squat has been known as the “king of all exercises” for great reason. Squats involve the majority of the body’s muscle mass and definitely build a great pair of legs. Squats are very beneficial for weight loss when performed with low reps and high reps. When in doubt, do squats!

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Fasting for Weight Loss

Fasting for weight loss is a controversial and debated topic. Some people swear by it as the simplest way to lose weight, and others think it’s foolish.

Whatever you think you may know about fasting for weight loss, think again. I was able to interview the fasting expert—Brad Pilon—and ask him some important questions about his book and weight loss method.

He truly revealed more helpful and insightful information than I had thought possible. Read on and see if fasting for weight loss is right for you. It could be the simplest method you have ever come across.

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