The Truth About the Elliptical Machine

elliptical machineAs I walked into the gym today, I saw a sign: “You must sign in to use elliptical/treadmill due to high demand. 30 minute time limit.”

Wow. As I made my way to the locker room I walked past the packed out “cardio” area. A few minutes later I entered the weight lifting room. There was a whopping 3 people in there; all on machines — of course.

Before I continue, I must make a confession:

Several years ago I used to spend several hours a week on an elliptical machine. I thought I was doing the “right thing” for keeping my body lean and healthy.

I continued this for probably a year or so. One day, I realized my true hatred of spending so much time on a machine. I never liked it to begin with, but now I really hated it.

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Lose Fat Without Cardio

Lose Fat Without Cardio

Whenever a client comes to me with the goal of losing fat, they always ask, “How long do I have to walk/run on the treadmill?” Well, they become very shocked when I reply, “You don’t have to even touch a machine. In fact, you don’t have to do traditional cardio.”

Let me explain: people still think they must be a slave to a treadmill (or other “cardio” machine) in order to lose fat, get a better body, and get healthy. It’s just not the case. In fact, there are other training methods that could get you results faster and in less time.

First of all, if you hate doing something (such as spending endless time on a machine), what makes you think you’re going to be consistent? If you’re not consistent, you won’t get long lasting results. It’s as simple as that. Plus, who has the time to spend hours per week on a machine?

Instead of spending time on a machine, I suggest other, more effective, alternatives.

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