Lift Like a Girl

My 330 pound sumo deadliftNow I don’t usually notice anything that’s going on around me when I train in a commercial gym. I get it in a zone and nothing else matters. All I can think about and focus on is the barbell, and knowing I must do better than last time.

But during this training session, I noticed a girl kept watching me. In between her sets of stability ball crunches she would watch me lift.

I was deadlifting that day, and her facial expression changed each time I loaded more weight onto the bar. It was that “what muscle does that work?” kind of expression.

The bar was loaded to 285 pounds. I chalked up my hands, tightened my belt, approached the bar, set my feet, filled my belly with air, stuck my chest out, pushed my butt back, grabbed the bar, and pulled it off the floor for a total of three reps.

After taking off my lifting belt and taking a sip from my water bottle, she finally came up to me.

“Um, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why do you train like a man”?

After thinking, “you’re kind of stupid” for a brief moment, I offered a more appropriate response since she clearly never lifted anything that wasn’t coated in pretty pastel colors. “I don’t train like a man,” I said as I put my water bottle back down and started stripping the weight off the bar.

“What do you mean? I’ve seen you in here a lot and you don’t do crunches, kickbacks, weight machines, and cardio like every other woman,” she said with great disdain in her voice.

“Take a look around the gym,” I retorted. “Most guys in here bench press every day and then spend an entire hour working on their biceps. And the closest thing to a ‘leg exercise’ they perform is walking to the water fountain. So you see; I don’t train like a man.”

“But aren’t you afraid of getting big and bulky”?

By this point I was growing increasingly annoyed. “I’ve been lifting heavy and getting stronger for a decade, and I haven’t gotten ‘big ‘n bulky’ yet”.

“Well, you’re supposed to lift light weights and perform a lot of repetitions to burn fat and build long and lean muscles.”

“Look, all that stuff you read is not true. Lifting heavy weights does not make you big or bulky; having excess body fat, however, does. Believe it or not, lifting heavy is one of the best ways to build the body you want. It’s not about burning as many calories as possible on the elliptical or isolating your inner and outer thighs with a machine. It’s about getting stronger. I deadlift, squat, overhead press, perform bodyweight chin-ups, parallel bar dips, push-ups, inverted rows, and other compound exercises. Building a better body comes down to lifting heavy with compound exercises, getting stronger, and eating smart. Bottom line – I lift like a girl. Maybe you should finally give it a try.”

Do you Lift Like a Girl, too? Tell me below.

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