The Lift Like a Girl Guide Video Series

A Complete and Proven System Created Just for Women That Will Allow YOU to Build the Body You Want with Simple, No Nonsense Workouts and Nutrition

“The Lift Like a Girl Guide is Nia’s opus, and something I feel is going to open the floodgates for a lot of women with regards to learning HOW to train and eat the right way. Not to mention set them up for a world of confidence moving forward.” -Tony Gentilcore

Howdy, friend-

Chances are you’ve tried several popular workout programs and diets that promised to “make all of your dreams come true.” They promised that you’d finally lose the fat and build the body you really want.

And, chances are, it didn’t work.

But it’s not your fault. Most popular diets and workout programs are too strict and take up way too much time. As a result, there’s no way you can follow such a program long-term.

Those programs aren’t realistic, and that’s why you don’t achieve or sustain the results you were promised.

That’s why it’s time to follow the approach real women take to build the body they really want. And do so without depriving yourself or spending your life at a gym.

It’s Time for You to Finally . . .

  • Achieve maximum results from workouts you actually enjoy
  • Stop revolving your life around working out and stressful diets you can’t maintain long-term
  • Stop being a slave to the number on the scale
  • Stop obsessing over food, eating patterns, and following strict diets that leave you frustrated and stressed out
  • Build and maintain the body you truly want

If you Lift Like a Girl, you’ll achieve all of that and much more.

The Sad Truth About Most Workout Programs and Diets, and Why They Don’t Produce Sustainable Results

A Lift Like a Girl subscriber, Amanda, emailed me in total frustration stating, “I’ve tried a couple popular workout programs and diets, and even though I’m super motivated in the beginning, I just can’t stick with the grueling workouts and crazy restrictive diets. It’s just too stressful and complicated. What can I do to finally get the results I want, and maintain them long-term?”

Unfortunately, Amanda’s story is not unique. I hear this from women all the time.

Numerous women are making every effort possible to lose fat, improve their health, or just look better naked . . .

. . . and, unfortunately, many of them fail to get the results they want or struggle to maintain them long-term.

But, thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way.

More and more women are finally realizing . . .

  • That they don’t have to follow strict diets that force them to restrict or eliminate their favorite foods
  • They don’t have to perform long, grueling, exhausting workouts
  • They don’t have to revolve their life around some crazy meal plan or a gym schedule
  • They can build the body they want, simply, and maintain the results long-term
  • They can actually look forward to, and enjoy, their workouts

And if you’re frustrated and tired of not getting the results you want, then it’s time for you to start Lifting Like a Girl, too.

I’ve Been There and Done That

I’ve been there and done that when it comes to stressing about food and working out, and not getting the results I wanted despite so much effort. I’ve also worked with clients over the past 10 years who have dealt with the exact same issues and who demanded results.

It’s because of my own personal experience with these issues, and working hands on with clients, that I’ve been able to find simple solutions that allow women to achieve their goals with simple, flexible, no nonsense, strength training and nutrition information.

And I’m confident I can help YOU, too.

Get Off the Scale, for Good

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with the number on the scale. My mood for the entire day was determined by the number I saw with each morning weigh-in.

And if the number wasn’t what I wanted, then I’d punish myself with extra workouts, dieting methods, or even intermittent fasting.

I was never happy with how I looked, even though I worked out on a near-daily basis and watched every piece of food I ate. I was always trying to lose fat, for months on end. All I could think about was losing fat and looking better.

As a result of that mindset, every workout and every meal I ate revolve around thoughts of losing fat, or just not gaining any more.

My life revolved around working out and eating, and it took up so much of my mental energy. Despite this relentless focus and determination, I never got the results I desperately wanted.

And one day I realized — trying to reach some “ideal number” on the scale was stupid.

It was right then I decided to focus on attaining the LOOK I wanted, and so I stepped off the scale for good.

We’ll discuss the huge impact that had and why it actually HELPED me lose fat and look better, but first, let’s discuss working out to build a better body.

No More Workouts That Leave You Exhausted

At one point my life revolved around trips to the gym. And not only that, but my goal with every workout was to work out as long and hard as possible.

If I didn’t completely fatigue myself or if I had any energy left at the end of the workout, then I didn’t work hard enough. Or so I (incorrectly) thought.

I began to dread my workouts, and they became just another chore I felt obligated to do.

Because of the grueling workouts, I was constantly fatigued and worn out.

On top of strength training most days per week I would do hours of cardio on top of the already time-consuming, exhausting routine. Despite working out so hard and frequently, I still didn’t achieve the results I wanted — a lean, toned physique.

Finally, I came to my senses.

I stopped focusing on fat loss.

I stopped weighing myself on a daily basis.

I stopped working out to a state of total fatigue.

I started to Lift Like a Girl once again . . .

The Simple, Effective Solution: Lift Like a Girl!

Lifting Like a Girl means a few things:

  • Realizing the number on the scale does NOT determine your success or define your self worth. Focus on achieving the LOOK you want and don’t worry about some number that’s a poor reflection of how you truly look, feel, and perform.
  • Stop “dieting” and following rigid eating habbits. For good.
  • Follow simple, flexible, stress free nutrition guidelines that are tailored to YOUR unique personality, lifestyle, and preferences.
  • You CAN enjoy our favorite foods with zero guilt and no negative effects to your physique or performance.
  • Do NOT punish yourself with extra, or more grueling workouts, or with nutrition or intermittent fasting. It’s not necessary or beneficial.
  • Your workouts should be fun, motivating, and focused on what you can Do and improving your performance.
  • Working out and eating patterns revolve around your life. No longer will you revolve your life around training and dieting.
  • Get the results you want – get stronger, lose fat, and look absolutely awesome – from your training, and in much less time.
  • Don’t finish your workouts exhausted, fatigued, and lying in a pool of sweat. Instead, you’ll be energized, motivated, stronger, and more confident.
  • Bottom line — perform fun workouts that keep you motivated and deliver results with minimum training time, and follow simple, stress free nutrition principles that are tailored to your unique personality and lifestyle, and look absolutely awesome!

Lift Like A Girl is THE most comprehensive, useful, authentic toolbox you could get your hands on to acquire your best EVER body – be it through improved technique, self empowerment by lifting your own body weight off the floor or simply feeling wiser (and non-guilty) about your relationship towards food.Nia gives such sound, real advice. Coaching that delivers results. Nia make you realise the truth behind the smog – that you CAN train and love it, always! Girls can train in the weights room and feel empowered–not intimidated, and she’ll teach you all the tools you need to get from where you are now, to where you want to be, I promise!

The main thing I love about Nia is that she teaches that training for performance (how athletes would train) BRINGS the by-product of results we all really want – aesthetically, from training the Lift Like A Girl way; you have a stronger, sculpted, defined and fitter body…… but also soulfully – that you reap the rewards of accomplishment and delayed gratification in the weights room for as long as you wish to earn it……

The Lift Like A Girl Guide is the best investment anyone could make, for so many reasons. To say Nia is a gifted coach is an understatement – she gives stack loads of quality content advice unreservedly. Many up and coming coaches can learn much from her.

-Lisl Croft

Nia and I have been friends for a few years now, I respect the hell out of her, love everything that she represents, and I consider her the ambassador for female training.

Like myself, Nia has long been telling women that they should focus more on training for PERFORMANCE, even if their goal is fat loss.

Even if you want to lose fat, setting achievable, measureable goals like being able to perform ten push-ups, deadlifting 1.5x your bodyweight, or working up to your first-ever unassisted chin-up, is the key.

If you want that toned (there I said it), athletic look, you need to drop the pink dumbbells and Zumba class, and lift real weights.

***And not view food as your enemy (which Nia also addresses)

The Lift Like a Girl Guide is Nia’s opus, and something I feel is going to open the floodgates for a lot of women with regards to learning HOW to train and eat the right way. Not to mention set them up for a world of confidence moving forward.

Funnily enough, Nia sent me an advance copy and as I was listening/watching her first presentation last Sunday afternoon out on the patio, Lisa was within earshot doing some food prep in the kitchen.

Repeatedly I kept hearing her belt out “AMEN!!!!!” in response to everything Nia was saying. After about 20 minutes Lisa walked out to where I was sitting and said, “this is such a wonderful message to give women.”

-Tony Gentilcore

Finally Get the Results You Want

Yes, you CAN finally get the results you want. Whether you want to lose fat and tone up or boost your maximum strength, the Lift Like a Girl Guide will show you exactly how.

The Lift Like a Girl Guide is an in-depth video series that gives you all the information you need to create your own training programs based on your experience level, available equipment (whether you train at home with just your bodyweight or you have access to a fully loaded gym), available time to train (whether you can workout two to four days per week), your unique physique and performance goals, and workout style preferences.

It’s a very flexible guide that gives you total control of your eating patterns. I discuss the importance of adopting flexible eating patterns that work for YOU and so you how to do just that. It’s not about dieting.

The LLAG Guide is all about keep things, in regards to working out and nutrition, as simple and flexible as possible. I don’t promote dieting or obsessive eating patterns that leave you stressed and frustrated.

The LLAG Guide shows you how to achieve your goals without having to revolve your life around working out, stress-free dieting or eating patterns, and lots of cardio.

The LLAG Guide shows you how to reap the greatest results from your workouts without having to work to complete fatigue and exhaustion. In fact, I show you how to finish your workouts feeling more energized.

It’s Like a Cheat Sheet for Success

Let me ask you a question . . .

If you had to bake a three tier Italian cream cake, would you just wing it and make up the recipe as you go along? Would you guess at what ingredients to use, the quantity of each, how long to bake the cake, etc?

Heck no!

You’d find a great recipe that’s backed up with raving reviews.

That way you’d know exactly what ingredients to use, the quantities, how to mix them, and how long to bake the cake. You’d follow the directions carefully and the end result will be delicious.

Doesn’t it make sense to do the same thing for building a great looking body?

Shouldn’t you take the same care and get a proven, tried and true system that will produce the results you want?

That’s why the Lift Like a Girl Guide is like a “cheat sheet success guide”, and it’s backed by raving reviews from fellow fitness experts and enthusiasts alike.

The Lift Like a Girl Guide is a proven system that will show you exactly what to do to get the best results possible, without unnecessary stress and frustration. All you have to do is apply the information. It really is that simple.

As soon as I watched the introduction on the sales page, I knew Nia was going to deliver amazing content. The Lift Like a Girl Guide teaches you everything you need to know about getting results from your training; it leaves no stone unturned and the system is impressively organised. What I love most is that Nia doesn’t assume the readers will already know stuff; she explains everything step by step. To me this is so important in building an understanding of why these Training, Eating and Thinking methods works.

The bonus for me was, not only the easy-to-navigate video slides, but having the product as both visual and audio learning, making the information sink in better.

This is a product that I am proud to recommend. *Myomytv Stamp of Approval*

-Marianne Kane

I’ve now managed to look through everything and I have to say it is absolutely AWESOME!!! I love it! Not only do you set everything out in a clear, easy to understand way, but hearing you read through it helps it all to be so easily absorbed!

Now I must admit the first time I took a look I was kind of overwhelmed with the amount of info and being the person I am I always tend to skip to the end of something without following instructions.However once I started to listen to the videos I didn’t want them to end, they flow so well from one to another and the depth of knowledge you’ve shared is in such an easy to understand way – really invaluable!!

I spent years being mis-guided by second rate trainers telling me “do more cardio to lose ‘weight’, work hard until you’re almost puking!” and on top of this no mention or advice on nutrition! I put in the effort with tons of cardio every day, ate in a way I believed was healthy (following government guidelines!!) and ended up being 280lbs (I’m 5’4″ !!).

Lift like a Girl is an invaluable guide to training and lifestyle! You covered everything in a simple common sense way!

I just LOVE it!

Best regards


The Complete Lift Like a Girl Guide System

The Lift Like a Girl Guide is a five-part video series (a little over 2.5 hours total) is jam-packed with everything you need to build the body you want. The Guide contains strength training design information, nutrition information, and workout templates for designing workout programs based on your goals and preferences.


The Lift Like a Girl Guide is a complete video series that gives you everything you need to achieve your physique, performance, and health goals.


The Lift Like a Girl videos are complete strength training guides that will show you how to get maximum results in minimum training time.

Here’s a closer look at what’s included in the Lift Like a Girl videos:

  • How to design programs for training between 2-4 days per week
  • Program design for beginner, intermediate, and advanced trainees
  • How to get the best results from your workouts and achieve maximum results in minimum time
  • Why you should NOT train for fatigue
  • How to properly perform repetitions for all exercises
  • The best set and rep schemes, training volume, workout frequency, and deload strategies
  • Various workout splits — which to use, and when
  • Supersets and circuits, and how to best use them
  • Proven and effective workout templates to design programs based on YOUR goals
  • How to design a program based on the equipment you have (whether you work out at a fully loaded gym, with dumbbells, or even your bodyweight
  • Cardio — the various types plus when, and how, to incorporate them into your routine

The Lift Like a Girl videos also cover in detail how to design your own workout routine. Here’s a closer look:

  • Beginner to advanced strength training information
  • Autoregulation and how to do it
  • Tips for beat up lifters
  • Training splits
  • How to design your own program
  • Total body template design
  • Minimalist templates
  • Upper/lower split templates
  • Combining gym and at home workouts
  • How to find your workout weight
  • Training tools

The Lift Like a Girl portion is a two-part video series and each lasts about 50 and 45 minutes each.

FREE BONUS — get a complete video demonstration series for some of the most popular exercises. Now you’ll know exactly how to properly, and safely, perform every exercise with detailed demonstrations.


The Eat Like a Girl video gives you simple, no nonsense, stress-free nutrition guidelines that revolve around YOUR lifestyle,  personality, and preferences. This video does not promote or encourage dieting. It’s all about adopting simple eating habits that fit easily into your life. This video is approximately 32 minutes in duration.

Topics discussed include:

  • The basic Eat Like a Girl Guidelines
  • Do I need to count calories?
  • What about cheat meals?
  •  Eating guilt free
  • Identifying domino foods
  • Random nutrition tips
  • Troubleshooting nutrition



The Think Like a Girl video is a critical component most people don’t even think about. Consider it “mental strength training”. This video contains information you didn’t even know you need, but it will skyrocket your success. If you get your mindset right, then there’s no stopping you.

Topics discussed include:

  • The scale and why you should ditch it
  • Your new “scale”
  • Training for a look — the simple solution
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • The truth about “perfection”
  •  The power of self talk
  • Get confident!
  • It’s not always about fat loss
  • How to avoid self punishment

You can get the Lift Like a Girl Guide right now because you’ll have access to the product immediately after purchase. And I want you to achieve your goals, so I’m making this crazy affordable:

Lift Like a Girl! Only $27

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Lift Like A Girl is THE most comprehensive, useful, authentic toolbox you could get your hands on to acquire your best EVER body.” -Lisl Croft

I’m not going to BS you here and tell you how many cups of your favorite coffee you could buy for $27.

But I will tell you that working with me in personal, for just a single personal training session, would cost you $90.

If you hired me to create a personalized program it would cost over $500 per month.

A single 30 minute phone consultation would cost $90.

And that is why I created the Lift Like a Girl Guide Video Series. To give you access to the same information I provide my clients at only a fraction of the cost.

You’re getting an amazing deal for less than $30. You’ll realize just how awesome of a deal it is when you watch the videos, put the information to use, and finally build the body you want the sane and simple way.

Why is the Guide a Video Series?

Simple – some concepts can be better explained and understood by talking, and not writing. There are several critical topics discussed in the Lift Like a Girl Guide that are much better explained and understood when discussed.

Furthermore, it was easier for me to provide examples and templates in the video, and to supplement those visual aids with a brief discussion. I’m very confident that video files are the best medium for this Guide. You’ll be able to download them immediately after purchase.

If You Need Anything, I’m Here to Help

If you’ve purchased any of my products before, you know I’ll go out of my way to help you and that I put nothing but 100% quality content into my products. If you’re not familiar with me and my work, give me the opportunity to prove to you that I’ll do whatever I can to help you achieve your goals.

If at any time you have any questions or need further information with the product, please contact me! I’ll do everything I can to answer all of your questions and help you in any way possible. My primary goal is to help you achieve YOUR goals, and I’ll do everything in my power to make that happen.

PLEASE NOTE – The Lift Like a Girl Guide is an electronic product in video and PDF format. No physical products are shipped. As soon as your payment is approved you will be given immediate access to the videos and PDF components.

I think the Lift Like a Girl Guide is a great resource for women looking to delve into the world of strength training for the first time, or for those who have toiled away on their own and just haven’t gotten the results they’d hoped for. This video series gives you all the tools you need to be successful with your training and nutrition and takes the thinking out of the equation so all you have to do is put is in the work. Getting results is never easy, but Nia’s program certainly makes it a whole lot easier.

~Ben Bruno


I have just watched all your videos and looked through the workouts. The videos are chockful of useful and sensible advice for women at all fitness levels. While listening to you on the videos I couldn’t help but think that you have basically put together an encyclopedia on working out with weights. Its all in there: training techniques, how to build your own workouts, great advice on eating right, the importance of positive thinking, useful reference materials, and more! I will definitely refer back to the videos whenever I have a question or doubt about my training. And, I can’t wait to start using your workouts…there are so many variations, I will be busy for quite a while with these!

Thanks again so much for everything!

Best wishes,


You Have Zero Risk: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You’ve got 60 days to test drive the Lift Like a Girl Guide. This product is unlike anything available anywhere else, and I made it that way for a reason. It will be the only resource you need to get awesome results from your workouts, to discover simple, flexible, stress free eating guidelines that work for you, and ultimately help you look absolutely awesome. If you don’t get results or you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund.

 Lift Like a Girl!


Only $27

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Lift like a Girl is an invaluable guide to training and lifestyle! You covered everything in a simple common sense way!” -Amanda

I have been a follower and a virtual “friend” of Nia for quite some time and I love her approach to training and nutrition. I wanted to write this review of Nia’s Lift Like a Girl program because it had a great and powerful effect on me.

As a personal trainer, coach and owner of my own gym I should know it all, right? I know how to train, when to eat and exactly how to make my body look and feel the way I want it to. Sometimes that over thinking can get you in trouble. I love having other trainers program my training for me because as I say to my clients, “just show up and work hard, don’t think about it too much.” The workout is all written out for you and you just follow it and it’s awesome.

I got Nia’s program a few months ago and dove right into the videos and training manuals. During this time I was really focused on increasing my strength and rehabbing  a minor back injury. I spent several months extremely focused on fat loss and I got very burned out. I was dropping fat but I got into a bad cycle of becoming too obsessed with my numbers- both in terms of body composition and food. I was constantly counting food and obsessing about the number of hours I needed to fast. I couldn’t wait for my cheat days and I created a really crappy cycle of restricting and ultimately binging. I know Nia has spoken about this a lot and she talks extensively about this in the Eat Like a Girl section. I love Nia’s approach and here’s why:

  •  No counting calories
  • Use intermittent fasting if it works for you but don’t become married to one method
  • Don’t use “cheat” meals or cheat days as they can have a negative connotation
  • Instead focus on eating healthy 90% of the time
  • Eat as much real food as possible- grass fed, organic meat, vegetables and healthy fats

This approach helped me get back on track. I focused on the timing of my meals and making sure I got some carbs in after my training sessions. Other than that I focused on 3 meals of protein and vegetables with some nuts and fruits when I felt like it. I was more free and ultimately became much happier with my mind and my body.

In the past I practiced Intermittent Fasting (IF) and I was obsessed with the time. It was down to 16-17 hours flat and sometimes even more. Instead of losing fat, I hit a plateau and my metabolism tanked. I needed a reset and the Lift Like a Girl Guide did just that. I still use IF and it’s typically 15 hours each day, sometimes it’s 12 or 13 if I eat late one night after training clients and that’s okay. Once a week I’ll do a longer fast just because it gives me a little energy along with a mental and physical break. I do this on Mondays when I’m super busy with projects and clients.

The nutrition reset was the biggest thing for me. Nia’s approach is simple but there are tactics you can use right away, not just strategies. You don’t have to worry about following a “diet” you simply create a lifestyle plan. Very cool.

The training was also just what I needed. I had been focused heavily on body composition and it was time to get my strength back. I wanted to hit a 300 pound dead lift and 225 pound front squat. I also wanted to increase my chin ups.

The Time Crunch workouts were so good for those of us that are busy. You can easily bust out 15 minutes of hill sprints to increase conditioning and drop some body fat. I also used a bunch of the body weight workouts while I was traveling to California.

I hit my front squat goal and can now do 3-5 sets of 6-8 full chin ups along with a few reps of weighted chins. My dead lift still needs a bit of work but I’m getting there. The training sessions are all about building strength and getting that strong, powerful and confident body. I 100% recommend this for any woman who wants to get into weight training or even an advanced individual. You can easily follow the plan and tailor it to your strength levels.

Overall, the Lift Like a Girl plan is easy to follow, simple yet very results driven and it allows you to create a lifestyle. As a fitness coach I could recommend this to any client or friend with total confidence.

If you’re looking to get strong, lean and look and feel awesome then check out Nia’s plan today.

Callie Durbrow

Owner of Durbrow Performance Training


Lift Like a Girl!


Only $27

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The Lift Like a Girl Guide is Nia’s opus, and something I feel is going to open the floodgates for a lot of women with regards to learning HOW to train and eat the right way. Not to mention set them up for a world of confidence moving forward.” -Tony Gentilcore

P.S. As a recap, the Lift Like a Girl Guide is a complete video series that will give you everything you need to build the body you want. You’ll get everything you need about strength training, nutrition, and mindset for building a better body, losing fat, getting stronger, and building muscle.

P.S.S. Remember that no physical products are shipped. The Lift Like a Girl Guide is a video series that you can watch from any device.

P.S.S.S. You’ll receive access to the product immediately after payment.

P.S.S.S.S. You have a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the Lift Like a Girl Guide video series you can get a full refund.

To comply with FTC rules and guidelines, I must state that you may not experience any results described above. And to stay on the safe side, please assume that the results described above are not typical and you should not expect to achieve the same, or similar, results.