Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s December first and Christmas is right around the corner, and I did something for the first time this year – I completed the majority of my Christmas shopping by the second week of November. I have never shopped this early, but I’m determined to get it done and out of the way. In fact, I think I only have two more things to get.

Today I’m going to share with you some awesome Christmas gift ideas. You can get these for the Beautiful Badass in your life or add them to your own personal wish list.

In no particular order:

Tires – these you can get for free and they are great for flipping and hitting with a sledge hammer. Not only can you find various tires for free, but they are a great training tool to use and are a lot of fun. You can get them in all different sizes – some are great for throwing, flipping, and hitting with a sledge hammer.

Sandbag – instead of buying a sandbag, I suggest you make one on your own and it will only cost about $30, depending on how heavy you want the sandbag to be. These are a great training tool for variety, and you’ll be surprised at how different a 50 pound bag feels compared to a 50 pound dumbbell or barbell. Here is a video where I show you how to build your own sandbag.

Kettlebells – I have three kettlebells that I use. For the most part I use them for swings and snatches which I perform interval style to improve my conditioning. However, they are also great to have when I need to get in a quick training session and can’t make time to get to the gym. Overhead presses, swings, snatches, squats, floor presses, rows – you name it you can do it with a kettlebell. You’d be surprised what all you can do with a single kettlebell. In fact, for over a year I had a single 36 pound kettlebell.

Jump Rope  – This is another great gift idea that doesn’t cost but a few dollars. Jumping rope is an excellent way to boost your fat loss and improve your overall conditioning. I also use mine before training sessions to get thoroughly warmed up. These are much better “cardio” alternatives to machines, and you can do it anywhere. If nothing else, this makes a great stocking stuffer.

Weight Vest – this one is on my personal list this year. A weight vest is perfect for adding resistance to bodyweight exercises like push-ups, inverted rows, dips, chin-ups, planks, box jumps, and other exercises. Also you can throw it on and go a nice brisk walk; that’s a great way to make walking a little more challenging. I would search the weight you want online (I’m getting a 40 pound vest) and shop around. I found my vest by ZFO for only $60 and it’s received excellent reviews.

Suspension Trainer – this is by far my favorite training tool. This one tool allows you to perform dozens of different exercises, some of my favorites being push-ups, inverted rows, pikes, bodysaws, and face pulls, just to name a few. However, the TRX is especially useful if you can’t make it to the gym. And since it’s almost winter, that means you can still train at home even if you get snowed in or if you have to travel for the holidays.

This is also the perfect gift for someone who claims not to have time to go to the gym because they can train their entire body at home with this one piece of equipment. Like I said, this is my favorite tool.

Fat Gripz – these are a great accessory because they allow you to add variety into your training. Fat Gripz are great to use for pressing and pulling exercises as well as direct arm work. I use mine quite often and really like them.

Ab Wheel – this is one of the only ab inventions that is actually worth anything. Just get the basic model with a wheel and handles and you’re good to go. Ab wheel rollouts are a terrific exercise for strengthening your core and there are several variations from beginner to advanced exercises.

Vibram FiveFingers – I finally got a pair of these a couple of months ago, and I absolutely love them. I prefer to train barefoot but in most gyms that’s a big no-no. So until I have my own home gym, I’ll keep wearing these shoes. Vibram FiveFingers are definitely the next best thing. If you perform your lower body exercises in shoes, then I highly suggest you grab yourself a pair of these shoes, or train barefoot.

They have several styles and the prices vary. Check out the Vibram website to find a dealer near you.

Fractional Plates –  These are great to have when a 5 pound jump on a barbell exercise is too much, or you simply want to go up in smaller increments. With these plates you can increase the weight by as little as half a pound.

Chalk – this is another great stocking stuffer that you can purchase from your local outdoor store; I buy rock climbing chalk. I’m surprised at how many people go to perform a heavy deadlift without chalk on their hands and then when I have them use chalk they are amazed at how much easier it is to hold the bar. Do yourself a favor and get some chalk.

So those are just a few great Christmas gift ideas for the Beautiful Badass in your life, or even yourself.

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