About Lift Like a Girl and Nia Shanks

First, and most importantly, Lifting Like a Girl means becoming the most awesome and strongest version of yourself.

And if you want to:

  • Get maximum results with minimum workouts
  • Ditch diets and break free from obsessive eating habits for good
  • Regain your sanity from all of the conflicting information
  • Love your body not just for how it looks, but for what it CAN DO
  • Look absolutely awesome and do it without revolving your life around food and working out…

…and become the most awesome and strongest version of yourself.

Or if you just want to learn more about strength training and nutrition to build a better body in a no nonsense, BS free way . . .

You’re in the right place! So allow me to say, “Howdy! And welcome.”

How Lift Like a Girl Will Help YOU Build a Better Body & Become the Most Awesome Version of Yourself

There’s no shortage of “eat this, don’t eat that” and “here is the BEST workout ever!” information out there. In fact, there’s so much conflicting information that it just leads to confusion. Then you’re left with analysis paralysis. That’s not good.

I’m here to help you filter through the BS and show you the Sane and Simple way to strength train and eat to build a better body. No overblown promises or any of that mess — just information you can use today to build the body you want.

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Why should you get the Free Beautiful Badass Mini Course? After all — we hardly know each other. *Wink, wink*

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s a peek at what people are saying:

“I absolutely love your no nonsense simple approach to fitness and nutrition and I’m not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life. I have been doing your training programs for the last 1.5 + years and have seen more progress in that time than any other. And please keep up the great work and great training programs!!  Also, thank you for making them so affordable, it almost feels like I’m ripping you off!”— Kerry
“Nia, I wanted to tell you that you probably saved my life! Well, not literally, but really… Since I started your Simple Strength Program (in Beautiful Badass), changed my approach to lifting and eating, and focused more and more on my health and performance, I feel sanity and happiness coming back to my personal life and my life in the gym. Thank you for the great work you are doing! Keep it up.”— Carolin
“Out of every fitness contributor I’ve come across, you are the only person who truly helps me focus on what is important. I believe in getting stronger, and if other parts of me change physically to keep up with that — that’s awesome! Your approach helps me develop a more well-rounded sense of self, rather than focusing only on my superficial image. Mirrors no longer own me — I only care about how I feel in my own skin!— Katie

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Once you’ve done that, we can get to the, Who is Nia Shanks? part.

About Nia Shanks

profileNia Shanks is a coach, health and fitness writer, and leader of the Lift Like a Girl revolution. She is busting the myth that women can’t develop strong bodies in a healthy way and she wants them to embrace who they are and become even stronger, more awesome versions of themselves. Nia also hosts the weekly Lift Like a Girl Podcast.

Nia’s philosophy revolves around sane and simple principles when it comes to nutrition and strength training and her main goal is to help YOU achieve your health, fitness, and physique goals the sane and simple way so you can maintain those results long-term.

And so you can see I’m a real person, here’s a random picture of me drinking a martini and lifting 330 pounds.

martini and deadlifts
Martinis and Deadlifts (I don’t suggest mixing them!)


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  • Nia acquired her Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology from the University of Louisville in 2009, and did so with high honors.

Nia has written for and been featured in Greatist, Burn the Fat Blog, Tribe Sports, Breaking Muscle, Experience Life Magazine, EliteFTS, Muscle and Strength, Contributor to TNation, Beautifully Hardcore, BodyBuilding.com, and more.


And finally, Nia is devoted to all things health and fitness, loves traveling, spending time with her family and crazy dogs, and is a chronic moonwalker.

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I hope you’ll enjoy the Lift Like a Girl journey to becoming the strongest, most awesome version of yourself. If you have any questions along the way please feel free to contact me.

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