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I’ve received several questions about the new 15 Week Muscle Sculpting Program, and I assume other ladies may be wondering the same things.

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding the Muscle Sculpting Program.

1)  Can you tell me what kind of equipment is used/needed for the program? I workout at home. It sounds like mostly dumbbells for split work but I want to make sure.

The Muscle Sculpting Program uses a wide variety of equipment. Primarily the exercises require just a barbell set and some dumbbells. But there are also exercises that require a back extension, and a cable machine. It would also be helpful to have a stability ball, suspension trainer, or leg curl machine (you just need one and not all three).

So, this can be done at home with  just dumbbells and a barbell set. You’ll just need a few exercise substitutions for the cable machine and back extension exercises. If you want my personal recommendation, just shoot me a message and I’ll gladly help you out.

2) What’s the shipping fee?

There isn’t one. The Muscle Sculpting Program is a downloadable PDF file you get immediately after purchase.

3)  I’m pretty experienced in lifting. I know you offer several programs. Which one would be the best for someone who already lifts pretty heavy and has been lifting for over 3 years?

This depends on what YOUR primary goal is right now.

Do you want to focus on building some muscle? Then definitely the Muscle Sculpting Program.

Do you want a wide variety of programs that range from fat loss, to getting crazy strong, to building muscle? Then Beautiful Badass would be the way to go.

4) Nia, are any of your programs “at home” friendly? I don’t have access to a gym but really want to kick up my resistance/strength work outs as much as possible at home. I mainly use dumbbells.

Yes, absolutely. The programs in Beautiful Badass can be done with just your bodyweight and either dumbbells or a barbell set.

All of the programs in the Lift Like a Girl Guide can be done at home, too.

For information on which program is ideal for YOU, then check out this post with a detailed description of every program and find out which one is best for you.

5)  I just got the program! My only problem is that I am only able to get to the gym three times a week. Can phases 1 and 3 be done that way?

(Phase 1 and Phase 3 require four workouts per week and Phase 2 has three workouts per week). Yes, you most certainly can perform three workouts per week during Phase 1 and Phase 3. Just alternate through the workout days as follows:

Week 1

  • Workout 1
  • Workout 2
  • Workout 3

Week 2

  • Workout 4
  • Workout 1
  • Workout 2

I would much rather you set up the program in a way the fits your schedule so you can follow it consistently instead of trying to force yourself to follow a schedule you know isn’t practical.

Set yourself up for success from the very beginning, and if that means only hitting the gym three times per week, then do it that way. You still get crazy awesome results as long as you workout hard and follow the provided progressions for each workout.

6)  How does the new program compare to FLD (Fat Loss Detour), the (S)hero Workout Program, or BB (Beautiful Badass) – all of which I have. Lol

The Muscle Sculpting Program is designed specifically for women who want to add sexy muscle in all the right places, and it’s very different from the other programs you mentioned. This program utilizes a wider variety of equipment (dumbbells, barbells, cable machine, back extension, and either a leg curl machine or stability ball) in addition to some advanced training techniques. The other programs you mentioned require nothing more than your bodyweight and either dumbbells or a barbell set.

For a break-down of every program and to see the differences of each, click here.

7) Is this program similar to one in particular for those of us who already own Beautiful Badass and (S)hero? I am tempted but wanted to know if most of what you cover in this is already covered for the most part in one of your other programs, especially Beautiful Badass since its pretty comprehensive (and awesome).  :)

Yep. It’s quite different. In addition to being a different workout program, the manual also includes additional information that’s beneficial to your muscle sculpting desires like Muscle Building Nutrition Guidelines and the 7 Simple Steps to Muscle Sculpting Success.

8) What if I miss a day, can I put two workouts together? (Sorry, I am just beginning to read the “manual”…)

If you miss a day, just get back on track as soon as possible. I definitely do not recommend combined two workouts, and you wouldn’t want to either once you completed just the one!

As shown above, just alternate the workout days if you miss a workout. It’s no big deal as long as you get back on track as soon as possible.

9) I teach kettlebell class + Zumba on Tuesday and kettlebell class + asahi (that is like taiji, light and smooth), can I go to gym earlier the same day? I have two kids and a husband so my schedule is not written only by me.

Yes. You can perform the workout earlier in the day and teach your classes later. Just try to have several hours between each.

10) I havent purchased yet, I am wondering if there is any cardio involved in the program and what do you think of doing 20-30 mins of cardio before hitting the weights?

I do discuss cardio in the program and I would never suggest doing cardio before your weight training session. There is no “cardio prescription” and there certainly isn’t any high intensity cardio. The Muscle Sculpting Program requires you put all of your energy into the strength training workouts, so there’s little room for cardio.

With that said, you can do 20-30 minutes of easy cardio after your workout or on off days.

11) What about after the 15 weeks? Is there discussion of maintenance or progression?

I do make the suggestion to tackle a new challenge. In particular, I make a recommendation to switch the focus to building more strength. This is a terrific way to follow-up a muscle building program.

12) Hi Nia, I just completed a 12 week “fitness model” program, i.e. leaning program. I enjoyed it and saw some great results, but am now looking to continue with a next step. This seems like a good fit – would you agree?

If you’re goal is sculpting some sexy muscle, then absolutely!

13) Nia, would this program be a good fit for someone fairly advanced in her training who wants to take her physique to the next level?

Absolutely. As long as you follow the program as written, improve your performance, eat smart, and do so consistently, very good things will hapeen.

14) Are there pictures of the exercises?

No, there are no pictures. I do provide videos for some exercises in addition to a video demonstration of the rest/pause technique. If you need demos for certain exercises, I do ask that you contact me so I can help you out and I provide the contact information in the manual.

15) I have a question. How long on average would you say a workout in this program takes?

The workouts in Phase 1 and Phase 3 will take about 40 minutes if you stick to the rest period recommendations. The workouts in Phase 2 take about 30-35 minutes to complete.

16) I know it’s on sale right now. When does the sale end?

Great question. The 50% Off Sale ends today. That means you can still get it for only $9.99.

If your question didn’t get answered, please post it below and I’ll respond ASAP.

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  • “I freaking LOVE this info! I'm determined to be a Beautiful Badass!” -Tina V
  • Jen

    I purchased and began my sculpting yesterday. I’m very excited to have your guidance in the weight room! Now, if only I could do 6 pullups in a set…maybe in a week or two!

    • Nia Shanks

      Awesome! if you need anything please let me know!

  • Hanna Pietilä

    Hi Nia! Thank you for this inspiring program! I started learning/doing this program few days ago, did the workout 2 today. Very fresh and new to me! I am not sure if I know what the exercises are (trying to translate them, as I am Finnish, and use youtube to find videos of the moves)… In the Workout 2 in the Phase 1, do you raise the knees in the last exercise hanging or can I do it in a dip station? Our gym’s seated calf machine sucks, can I do the calves in leg press machine? When squatting, can I use the smith machine? In workout 1, is the lateral raise done straight to the sides, not front?

    • Nia Shanks

      You can do it on either – hanging or dip bars. Yes, you can use those for the calf raises. And, no, do not use the smith machine for squatting. Use either a barbell or dumbbells. Lateral raises are to the sides.

  • Hanna Pietilä

    What grip do you recommend to cable pulldown, is it better to do seated or standing? In front or to the back of the head. :D What height is the best for the barbel in inverted row? Dumbbell shoulder press – seated or standing? Cable pressdown with what kind of attachment? :D I am sorry, I am asking all the questions that come to my mind and I hope I will get some answer to at least some of them……. :) Thank you Nia!!

    • Nia Shanks

      Do seated and always pull down to the front. Inverted row depends on your strength; the higher the easier. Shoulder press — either way works fine. Pressdown with V bar or straight bar.

  • Toni

    Loving this program! I’m only in Phase 2, but I’m already thinking ahead. Should I repeat the program (with the goal of lifting heavier and heavier) or do another one of your programs??