Kettlebell & Bodyweight Density Workout (Guest Post)


Howdy, y’all! Today I have a guest post courtesy of my friend, Forest Vance. I don’t talk much about kettlebell training on this site, mostly because the only true kettlebell exercise I know how to do correctly is a swing. Forest is going to give you a great Kettlebell & Bodyweight Density Workout you can do in a matter of minutes along with a couple of demonstration videos. Enjoy!

The HardStyle kettlebell system is about:

  • Getting the most you can out of the basic kettlebell moves.
  • Getting maximum results in miniumum time.
  • Getting stronger and improving performance – while helping you simultaneously gain lean muscle and lose body fat.
  • Sticking to time-tested principles that ACTUALLY WORK.

HardStyle kettlebell training is what we do at my fitness center in Sacramento, CA. It’s what the vast majority of workouts I design are based upon. So, when I recently met Nia and learned a little bit more about her training philosophies, I knew our styles would mesh well … and I had to see if she would be open to me providing you with a sample session from my KB training workout vault.

And to my surprise – she was! So I got a doozy for ya today!! :)

Again, this is a KB workout based around basic kettlebell and body weight movements. It’ll take you 30 mins. or less if you follow it exactly as prescribed … but I can guarantee, no matter WHAT your current fitness level, if you push yourself and use adequate loads, you will be SMOKED.

Week 8 (from the 10×10 Kettlebell Solution)

*Warm up – Do five Turkish get ups on each side. Start easy – with no weight at all or a light weight – and work up to a heavier weight with each rep. Switch sides after each rep.

*Perform the first exercise in each pairing. Immediately move to the next exercise (or exercises) and complete the prescribed number of reps. Rest 30 seconds and repeat each sequence a total of three times.

  • 1a: 8 reverse lunges
  • 1b: pull-ups (or inverted body weight rows) – one rep short of failure
  • 2a: 6 kettlebell presses
  • 2b: 20 body weight squats (explosive tempo)
  • 3a: 25 kettlebell swings (your choice)
  • 3b: 15 push-ups

*Finish with static stretch of tight muscle groups

A couple of videos to help you master your form in the two foundational KB moves, the swing and the Turkish Get Up:

If you’re a fan of minimalist training, if you need to get maximum results in minimum time, if you’re looking to get stronger, improve performance, and get into incredible condition, this kettlebell workout is an awesome starting point to get you there.

If you’re interested in more workouts like the one above, Forest is offering a special 50% Off Discount to the readers of Check it out here if you’re interested  => 10×10 Kettlebell Solution <=

Train hard -

Forest Vance

Master of Science, Human Movement

Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor

About Forest Vance

Forest Vance holds a Master’s degree in Human Movement and personal training certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

He is also a level II Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach.

Over the last 8 years, Forest has experience as a personal trainer, group fitness/boot camp instructor, fitness manager, and health club general manager. He currently works as the owner and head trainer at his Sacramento functional training gym.

He also maintains a network of fitness-related websites, makes regular guest appearances on many others, has been featured in national newspaper, radio, television, and other media, and is the creator/author of numerous books, DVD’s, and digitally delivered workout programs/systems.

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