Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights + a Beginner Workout


Here’s a great article and accompanying graphic I created with the awesome crew at Tribe Sports.

The article is about Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights. I discuss how lifting heavy can be fun and addictive, it’s a terrific way to boost your self-confidence, and it allows you to get more body transforming results in less time.

There’s also a great Beginner Strength Workout for anyone just getting into weight lifting, and here’s the graphic with all the information.

To read the article and get more information about the sample workout read the rest of the article here.

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  • “I freaking LOVE this info! I'm determined to be a Beautiful Badass!” -Tina V
  • Troy Adashun

    I have had great success with training women to lose weight with heavy weight lifting. This is an incredible way to challenge a womans body and burn extra calories! I could not agree more!

  • Lissa

    Lifting heavy is the way to go! I’ve been CrossFitting for over 2.5 years now and the big lifts are some of my favorite things. In fact, I recently got a 300-lb deadlift at a body weight of 135, the smallest I’ve ever been! Lifting big=big body changes! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/GordonWayneWatts Gordon Wayne Watts

    I see that the forearm is not completely vertical at the start of the push-up, in the diagram, above.

    It goes without saying, I guess, that you can change the starting position of your hands on the ground, in order to change the starting angle. (I guess, you could even put your hands way forward, and have an angle in the opposite direction, as opposed to either vertical or what is shown above.)

    Of course, this would use different muscles — but, I just wanted to get your opinion on these different variations of the standard floor push-up — both your thoughts and those of anyone else who may want to weigh in.

    Thx — / :-)