Introducing the Lift Like a Girl Guide

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It’s here! It’s finally here!

The Lift Like a Girl Guide is finally available and it’s on sale for 40% off until TODAY at 9pm EST.

I’ve gotta admit that, and I’m sure it’s quite obvious, that I’m super excited to announce the debut of the Lift Like a Girl Guide. Seriously, I’ve moonwalked around my kitchen at least a dozen times in celebration.

What is the Lift Like a Girl Guide exactly, you ask?

Great question. I’ve got the answer.

The simple answer is this: the Lift Like a Girl Guide is the Ultimate Resource to Lift Like a Girl & Look Absolutely Awesome with Simple, No Nonsense Strength Training and Nutrition information. The Guide gives YOU the power and control to create workout programs and eating patterns that work for YOU. You’ll get all the tools you need to design customized training programs based on your training experience level, personal goals, equipment, and preferences.

Here’s one of the latest reviews of the Lift Like a Girl Guide:

Hey Nia!

I’ve now managed to take a look through everything and I have to say it is absolutely AWESOME!!! I love it! Not only do you set everything out in a clear easy to understand way, hearing you read through it helps it all to be so easily absorbed!

Now I must admit the first time I took a look I was kind of overwhelmed with the amount of info and being the person I am I always tend to skip to the end of something without following instructions. However once I started to listen to the videos I didn’t want them to end, they flow so well from one to another and the depth of knowledge you’ve shared is in such an easy to understand way – really invaluable!!

Heck even my boyfriend watched them all and was seriously impressed so much so he reckons the principals could, or rather should, be followed by men too!

As I said in my post on Facebook, I spent years being mis-guided by second rate trainers telling me “do more cardio to lose ‘weight’, work hard until you’re almost puking!” and on top of this no mention or advice on nutrition! I put in the effort with tons of cardio every day, ate in a way I believed was healthy (following government guidelines!!) and ended up being 280lbs (I’m 5’4″ !!).

Lift like a Girl is an invaluable guide to training and lifestyle! You covered everything in a simple common sense way!

I just LOVE it!

Best regards

Amanda :)

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Let’s take a closer look at each individual component in the Lift Like a Girl Guide.

Lift Like a Girl — Two Part Video Series

The two Lift Like a Girl videos cover everything you need to know whether you’re a beginner trainee or advanced and if you can train two, three, or four days per week. This portion consists of two videos that last approximately 50 and 45 minutes each.

Topics discussed in this two part video include:

  • –Beginner to advanced trainee information and training programs
  • –Rest periods, rep ranges, and training volume
  • –The best training “splits” and when to use them
  • How to design your own individual training programs, whether you’re a beginner or advanced trainee
  • –The three types of cardio to use, and when/if you should use them
  • Numerous strength training templates whether you can train 2-4 days per week
  • –Information for beat up lifters
  • How to design your own training programs based on equipment availability (even if you have none!) and your unique needs and goals

And other information you need to create successful, personalized strength training programs to achieve your physique and performance goals.

Eat Like a Girl Video

This video discusses nutrition information that is completely flexible according to your lifestyle and preferences. This portion is a single video that lasts about 32 minutes.

Topics in the Eat Like a Girl video include:

  • How to avoid obsessive-compulsive eating patterns and habits
  • –Why it’s NOT about dieting
  • The basic, flexible, and effective Eat Like a Girl Guidelines
  • –Discussion on whether or not you need to count calories
  • –Discussion on cheat meals and cheat days
  • –Meal frequency
  • Finding eating habits that fit YOUR lifestyle, personality, and preferences
  • –Domino foods
  • –Intermittent fasting
  • –Supplements

And other helpful nutrition information for simple, no nonsense, stress-free eating.

Think Like a Girl Video

I like to tell people to look at the information in this video as “mental strength training”. This video lasts approximately 21 minutes.

The topics discussed in Think Like a Girl include:

  • –The scale and the mental games it can play with you
  • –A discussion on body fat percentage and why tracking it may not be a good idea
  • –The better solution to track your success
  • –Discussion on comparing yourself to others
  • –The power of self-talk
  • –How to improve your self-confidence
  • Avoiding self punishment in the form of nutrition and working out
  • –Why you absolutely should not major in the minors of training and nutrition

And more important mental strength training information.

Why a Video Series?

Some things are best expressed and explained through speech, in my opinion, and the content in the Lift Like a Girl Guide is best revealed through a combination of visual components via video along with verbal elaboration. Plus, you get to listen to my sweet southern drawl. (Actually . . . for some of you . . . that could be a downside. If so — insert sad face *here*). Either way — I believe the information is best delivered in video format.

I Offer & Provide Total Support

If at any point you have any questions regarding The Guide, or you need some additional questions answered, do not hesitate to contact me. I created The Guide to help as many people as possible achieve their goals, and I’ll always do my very best to answer your questions and help you any way possible. Bottom line — you won’t be left on your own after purchasing The Guide. If you need anything, I’ll help you the best I can.

Now . . . click the picture below and grab the Lift Like a Girl Guide now.

 Got Questions?

If you have any questions about the Lift Like a Girl Guide, just ask them below.

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  • “I freaking LOVE this info! I'm determined to be a Beautiful Badass!” -Tina V
  • Jenna Grace Mercer

    Once I have purchased the video, how do I access it from other places? Laptop, Kindle, phone, etc?

    • Nia Shanks

      Shoot me an email via the Contact tab and I’ll help you out.

  • Ky

    Hi Nia, do these videos include how and why to use what exercises, mobility work? Specific or general? I understand from reading your blog what workouts I think you would put into a program but the description of the video makes it seem like it is an overview. Also how many hours of video included? Thanks!!

    • Nia Shanks

      I provide training templates where you plug in your exercises of choice, based on the equipment you have, preferences, etc. I do give you, what I think, are the best exercises. No mobility work videos. There’s a little over 3 hours worth of content.

  • Donna

    Hi Nia, what more is someone who already owns your other products (Beautiful Badass, Shero etc) going to get out of this one ? thanks

    • Nia Shanks

      The Guide gives you all the information you need to design your own training programs (and eating patterns) based on your experience level, training time available, equipment, and preferences.

      Basically, Beautiful Badass is a done-for-you product that you simply apply. The Guide gives you the information so YOU can take control over training and nutrition. Make sense?

  • Sara

    I saw this last week, and thought I ordered it, but I actually ordered the Beautiful Badass set. While it is very helpful, and I really like the approach, I need more information and videos about alternate, bodyweight exercises, than is in the BB set. The alternate exercises in BB often still use barbells or dumbells. Does the Lift Like a Girl set have entire workouts that use bodyweight? Do the LLAG videos show how to do all the bodyweight exercises?

    • Nia Shanks

      You’ll learn how to design bodyweight only workouts with the LLAG Guide, but I don’t demonstrate those exercises.