The Best Fat Burning & Conditioning Exercise

advanced burpees - one of the best fat burning exercises

Okay, so this may not be the best fat burning and condtioning exercise, but I think it's amazing and use it frequently.

In the following video you'll see me demonstrate an excellent bodyweight exercise that you can use to improve your conditioning levels and help burn some extra fat.

The Best Fat Burning & Conditioning Exercise – Advanced Burpees

As you just saw, there are three main parts to this exercise:

1) Push-up

2) Jump

3) Pull-up (you can also do chin-ups, mixed grip pull-ups, neutral grip pull-ups, etc)

How Can You Use This Exercise?

There are two primary ways I like to use advanced burpees:

1) Do as many as possible in a set period of time (example: 10 minutes)

2) Perform a set number of repetitions and rest for a specific period of time (example: perform 5-10 advanced burpees, rest 45-60 seconds, repeat fo a total of 5-6 rounds)

Other Variations

If the advanced version demonstrated in the video is too difficult then you can remove the pull-up from the exercise. If performing a push-up and the jump become too difficult, then you can remove the push-up.

For other great fat burning and conditioning workouts, check out The Cure for Cardio ADD.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.

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  • “I freaking LOVE this info! I'm determined to be a Beautiful Badass!” -Tina V
  • http://Website(optional) Ronell Smith

    Love it. You killed those pull-ups, too. Watching this just killed any motivation I had to sit here and delay the 10 sets of speed deadlifts I've been putting off for the last 15 minutes :)

    Thanks very much, Nia.

  • http://Website(optional) Jonathan Mike- MS, CSCS, USAW, NSCA-CPT (PhS Student (Ex.Phys/St

    Nice, you got some cannons girl :) I think you could do a 230lb atlas stone!

    those green walls are something else , haha

  • Nia Shanks


    Glad I could help! ; ) Thanks again.


    I've never tried an atlas stone, but I'd be willing to give it a go. : ) Yeah, funny thing, I wore a shirt that matched the walls. Ha! ; ) The bright green is much better than the beige at my old gym.

  • http://Website(optional) V

    OMG … he he I will have to work on doing …1 pull up/chin up first

  • http://Website(optional) PWest

    Excellent! I can't do a pull up but this makes me want to work on them.

  • Nia Shanks

    V and PWest-

    Jumping into the pull-up/chin-up makes it easier because you are using momentum.

    Thanks again!

  • Kristy

    Badass! :)

  • Nia Shanks

    Thanks, Kristy!

  • http://Website(optional) Jo

    Awesome! I wished I lived closer so you could kick my butt in person. :p

    BTW, I have a friend who painted her kitchen this same green. Nothing says Good Morning! like Kermit puke walls and she probably has no need for coffee in the house!

  • http://Website(optional) Jack

    Great video! Try to advance-advance variation of the burp-up – on one leg!

  • Nia Shanks


    Ha! Yeah that's a great idea. : )

    Glad you liked the video and thanks again!


    Huh . . . haven't tried that one yet, but I'll give it a go. thanks!

  • http://Website(optional) Amy N.

    Hi Nia,

    Maybe you can help me settle a debate. Do you think burpees or Turkish getups are more difficult? Thanks :)

  • Kristy Mox Waters

    Oooh, I can't wait to hear your answer to that question! ;)

    That's like Apples to Oranges…

  • Nia Shanks


    Like what Kristy just mentioned, that's comparing apples to oranges. The movements are completely different and work different muscles and have different purposes.

    As far as putting the most stress on your abs, I would say the Turkish getup is probably more difficult. But as far as hitting more muscle groups and providing the most “bang for your buck” then I would definitely say the advanced burpees demonstrated in the video.

    Not sure what you mean by more difficult, but if I didn't answer your question just let me know and I'll do my best.

    Thanks again!

  • Chris Kelly


    Nice burpee, I personally have an arsenal of over 72 varieities on file. Truly the ultimate conditioning exercise.

    One of the current favorites is the burpee broad jump ( This one can also be weighted up nicely and performed as a bound for a bit of flavor (pain)

    Keep up the great work!



  • Nia Shanks


    Thanks for sharing. That's a nice variation – I'll have to give it a try.

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