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7 (Simple) Steps to Lose Fat, Without Even Trying


Fat loss is always a hot topic, but now that’s it’s spring time here in the USA, everyone is preparing for the upcoming swimsuit season.

And that means a lot of people are trying to lose body fat.

Unfortunately, many people will attempt to lose fat rapidly and in an unsustainable way. They’ll revolve their life around a diet and rigorous gym schedule, no doubt.

But today I’d like to propose a much better approach to fat loss.

When done this way, you can lose fat without even trying.

That’s because even though your goal is to lose fat, you’re not going to try to lose fat.

Confused yet? Don’t be.

It all begins with an intense focus on your actions.

Focusing on actions (e.g. strength training three times per week) instead of outcomes (e.g lose … Click to continue reading

Does Your Fitness Regimen Pass The Test? Why You Need to be able to Answer Yes! to This One Question


photo: some rights reserved by WingedWolf

Whether you’re currently following a fitness regimen or you’re looking for a new workout program and possibly even nutrition guidelines to embrace, you need to ask yourself an important question:

“Will I still be able to do this one month, six months, and a year from now?”

If your answer isn’t a definitive Yes, then it’s likely time you adopt a new approach or move on to the next possible solution.

Don’t revolve your life around a routine – rather adopt a routine that fits your lifestyle and preferences

Don’t try to follow a four-day-per-week workout routine when you know that more than three weekly gym visits isn’t practical

Don’t follow a rapid fat loss … Click to continue reading

Health and Fitness Gone Bad – When It Degrades Women, And What We Can Do About It


I was once told that my Lift Like a Girl t-shirt was degrading. That the whole lift like a girl manifesto was degrading to women.

I took the statement for the ignorant comment it was, laughed it off, and went about my day. But later on I couldn’t help but think about the messages that are still, unfortunately, being spread in the world of women’s fitness. The ideas, statements, and philosophies that are degrading.

Such as . . .

Telling women they should never lift more than five pounds or else they’ll risk losing a “feminine physique” and not live up to society’s standards and labels. (Even though groceries, children, and purses women pick up on a daily basis easily surpass this five pound limit, but they neglect … Click to continue reading